Monday, May 31, 2004

Come for Bryan, stay for the karaoke

What a great weekend! I work Sunday through Thursday so I had Friday and Saturday off already, managed to get Sunday off and we were closed Monday. A four day weekend! Wow! This hasn't happened in awhile.

Thursday was off to Fridleykins with Keem, Beth and Matt for some Sheepshead. Friday I stayed in and played on the computer all night, that's always fun!

It was on Saturday when I started to get wild (okay, keep in mind that I'm 37 and don't drink or do drugs. Bingo is wild for me. Okay. It's sad, I know it but dang it, I'm old). Hung out with my sister, Kari and Keem on Saturday. We went to Arden Hill's Pot O' Gold and played Bingo. That was great, I won $166 on the coverall! It's gone now, of course, because Keem and I have a bingo rule, if either of us win, we split it. Kari decided this rule applied to her as well. Hmm, I wonder if she'll remember this if she ever wins the Powerball. We played one session and then were off to Fuddruckers for the best hamburgers in Minnesota (the best hamburgers in the States are at the Burger Bar in Las Vegas). We then returned for the 7:15 session and that's when I won. Didn't win the 2nd session that night but it was still fun. We then went back to Fridleykins with Beth and Tommy (a guy from work) joined us. We initiated Tommy into the world of Sheepshead. It was a lot of fun and hopefully he'll join us again some night.

Sunday we went to karaoke at The Chalet in Roseville. The host is named Bryan McDonald and he is great. He's very funny and wow, can he ever sing. Keem had never gone to karaoke before so it was great having her there. Beth and I are karaoke junkies and we joke that Bryan is our drug of choice. We will applaud anyone who has the guts to come on stage and sing. So, if you happen to be fond of karaoke, live in Minnesota and have a Sunday night free, come check it out. Unless, of course, you are an axe murderer. That would be bad. And The Chalet has moved to Australia.

Saturday, May 29, 2004

Meet Mil Millington

Here is a link that you might enjoy, well, if you're my Mom or anyone like my Mom, probably not. The owner of the webpage is named Mil Millington and he is a genius. I have read both of his books and am eagerly waiting for the 3rd. I'm trying to get him a following here in America because, as he puts it, his American publisher is probably not going to bring him here. Once the public starts clamoring for him, I'll deal with other problems, like the fact that he doesn't fly.

If you like the website, you will love his books. The man is hilarious. They are called Things My Girlfriend and I Have Fought About and A Certain Chemistry. A Certain Chemistry is out in paperback here in the US but, I, dedicated fan that I am, convinced my roommate to buy it for my birthday from Fortunately, at that time, he didn't know the shocking difference between the US dollar and the British Pound.

Mil isn't for everyone but there are three of us in Minnesota who think he's brilliant.

Thursday, May 27, 2004

How much are you worth?

Found an interesting website today. Apparently I am worth exactly: $1,354,040.00. (DM, added on 5/28 - okay, so this is probably wrong. Although I like to think I am fairly intelligent, apparently the 240 I entered for my IQ is only, oh, 100 points too much. Oops. I'll have to retake it.)

Check it out.

They ask you some questions about how old you are, how much education, etc. I thought it was fun.

Going to Fridleykins (Perkins) with Beth, Keem and Matt tonight. That's always fun. We like to listen to people sitting at other booths - you would be amazed at some of the crazy stuff people say, especially if they've been drinking.

Oh, well, got to run. Maybe I will have a "Weird things people say" post tomorrow. Ciao!

Update - there weren't a lot of people at Fridleykins last night. We had a great time playing Sheepshead.

Weird things people say -

DM (having strange fascination with patting Matt's shaved head) "I like your scalp. May I draw on it?"

Matt "No! That's the only part of my body I don't let my kids draw on."

And before you freak out, there are other parts the kids aren't allowed to draw on. It was just the first thing he said. We were very amused.

Monday, May 24, 2004

Not A Simeks

Okay, so my memory isn't that great. I have a tendency to forget what things are called. Early Alzheimer's perhaps? Not sure. My friends, who are anywhere from 5 to 13 years younger than me, enjoy this trait because it is apparently amusing to watch me come up with names. Here are some examples:

"The guy who looks like Ray Romano but isn't Ray Romano" - The first time I used this, Beth looked at me and said "So, in other words, this is any guy in the world?" His name is, dang it, I forgot it again. He's been on Seinfeld and Everyone Loves Raymond. He talks slowly. Yeah, I'll be editing, apparently. Okay, checked with Beth, his name is Fred Stoller. Here is his Imdb site.

"The funny guy, you know, the one who isn't Nathan Lane" - This is Larry Miller. I finally do remember his name but before I would have to list the movies he's been in (Pretty Woman, Undercover Blues, 10 Things I Hate About You). And yes, I do realize he and Nathan Lane look nothing alike. Here's Larry's Imdb site.

"Not A Simeks" - This came about when I was trying to give Beth directions one day and was telling her she would recognize Minnehaha because there was a pizza place on the left and another building on the right. Exact quote "It's a Simeks, no, wait, it's's a Not A Simeks." Beth "So it's anything (you will notice that Beth is quite sarcastic. All my friends are. It's quite horrid)?" Anyway, a Not A Simeks is a butcher shop. In this case, it was a Von Hanson's.

"Vant" - To vent and rant. About something completely nonsensical.

There are more. I just can't think of them right now. How sad is that?

Previous Comments

At 9:14 PM, brooksba said...
Okay, okay. So according to your post, I'm sarcastic? I thought you said I can't be sarcastic because of the training of certain skills. (By the way, I'm waiting for you to explain to the world how much you "love" Paul Simon.) =)

Sunday, May 23, 2004

What's a green duckie?

Glad you asked. It's a funny story, actually, and will give you an idea of what I'm like.

So my friend Beth and I are at the mall, at Mervyn's, Christmas shopping (or maybe it was near Saint Patrick's day. I'll ask Beth and update). We're walking through the accessory section and I see a table with a box full of rubber ducks. Now I love rubber ducks and yes, simply because I love to sing the rubber ducky song from Sesame Street. ("Rubber Ducky, you're the one. You make bath time so much fun!" (Side note: Ernie is not my favorite muppet (although I am fond of him). Cookie Monster is. I love his philosophy "See cookie. Eat cookie." And his theme song. "C is for cookie, that's good enough for me.")) So I am looking at the rubber ducks, singing the song in my head, while Beth waits patiently for me.

Then I turn my head. I see another table with another box, filled with creatures with big duckie eyes, except that they are green! I am completely thrilled beyond measure and loudly say "Green Duckies!"

So then Beth, in the tone I imagine she will use on her future children, says slowly "No, Dana, those are frogs." And then we had to leave Mervyn's because she was laughing too hard to continue shopping. In my defense, I am claiming I thought they were decorated for Christmas (Or Saint Patrick's Day. Whatever).

Frogs are now called green duckies. Well, in my world at least.

At 2:54 PM, Carolinaiiiii said...
Got ya sweetie, I understand you completely after 37 years. You make perfect sense. Sending a picture for your website via email. Can't seem to copy/paste here.Keep up the good work, I have a blog at Carolinaiiiii, now.Take care and God bless, Love, Mom

At 5:13 PM, The Lioness said...
Well, I think it is adorable, I really do. I have a penchant for pigs, cow print and - ever since I passed my Vet Anatomy 2 exam - sheep (with which I am bombarded in the shape of magnets, keyrings etc). And I love the fact that your Mum posts comments on your blog! (Hullo, Mrs. DM's Mum)

At 10:34 PM, Anonymous said...
I really do think that you are now obligated to investiagate the Devil Duckie phenomenon. "Every day when I make my way to get clean/I find a fellow who's red and yellow and mean! / rub-a-dub keen / Devil duckie, when you float/ You turn my tub into a flaming moat..."--Kachina

At 3:14 PM, Firebear said...
Everyone in my office thinks I have lost my mind. That is very funny.

At 2:41 AM, brooksba said...
Dana,I can't believe I never commented on this post. I remember the night clearly. It was Christmas time and the store was packed. I think we were at the Roseville Mervyn's. This story has reached infamy. You are wonderful.