Thursday, May 12, 2005

9 Layers of Me (because I'm an onion, apparently)

Found because of Beth

9 Layers of Me… (With appropriate links when I remember a post I've written about the relevant topic)

Layer One:

Name: Dana Marie Jones
Birth date: March 11, 1967
Birthplace: Mahtomedi, Minnesota
Current Location: Saint Paul, Minnesota
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Um…this month it is supposed to be pomegranate, it is probably more of a burgundy
Height: 5 foot 4 inches (once it was 5’4” and ¾ of an inch but I shrunk)
Righty or Lefty: Righty
Zodiac Sign: Pisces. I am wimp. Hear me roar.

Layer Two:

Heritage: Half French, Quarter German (or vice versa), 1/8 Dutch, English, etc. According to my Dad, I was also part black, part Polish and part jackass on my Mother’s side. Turns out he lied.
Shoes Worn Today: black sandals
Weaknesses: Books. I cannot resist them.
Fears: Heights, spiral staircases, elevators, vampires.
The Perfect Pizza: Sausage, Pepperoni, Black Olives, Green Olives, Extra Cheese. Thin crust, white sauce (garlic, butter and olive oil).
Desired Goal: I would say to be happy but I am happy now. I would say rich but money doesn’t buy happiness. I don’t think I really have a desired goal. I just want to live my life on my own terms.

Layer Three:

Most Overused Phrases: Okay. I’m sure Beth and Keem could come up with a few more for me but this is all I can think of.*

*Actually it was Johnny. How did I forget this? "That's just wrong!" I use that one a lot. Different variations. I also use "But Keem!" a lot.

First Waking Thoughts: “Why am I awake? Why? Who invented this stupid morning thing anyway?”
Best Physical Feature: I like my hair, usually. It’s very thick and holds color well. However, it hates me and does not allow me to style it. I also like my eyes, even though they are brown and boring.
Most Missed Memory: Um, isn’t the point to memories the fact that you remember them? If I missed the memory, it wouldn’t be a memory anymore.

Layer Four:

Pepsi or Coke: Diet Coke, preferably with a slice of lime.
McDonald's or Burger King: McDonald’s fries, Burger King’s hamburgers.
Single or Group Dates: Date? What’s that?
Adidas or Nike: I don’t like shoes. If it was up to me, we would all be barefoot. Hmm, another thing for me to enforce when I become president.
Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea: I guess I like Lipton Diet with Lemon the best. But I’d rather have hot tea. Preferably something spicy with milk and sugar.
Chocolate or Vanilla: I hate this question. Is this supposed to be ice cream? It never says. If it is ice cream, I have to say vanilla because I don’t like chocolate ice cream. But if it is just the flavor, then chocolate always wins.
Cappuccino or Coffee: Double Dutch Chocolate Cappuccino from Holiday with 5 shots of caramel and hazelnut creamer. Yum.

Layer Five:

Cuss: Swear? Me? Never. Please. The only word I won’t use is the G dammit word. However, I prefer to use words like gosh darnit and dagnabit because they are more fun.
Sing: Yes. At karaoke, in the car, in my room listening to iTunes, sometimes in the shower. Whenever I can.
Shower Everyday: Pretty much. Unless I am sick or running late.
Ever Been in Love: No. I have been in Like and in Lust and in Infatuation but I have never been in love.
Want to Go to College: Yes. I kind of miss it. But NABABNA will only pay for it if I take business classes and I could care less about business. I want to take Writing classes. Do not suggest Business Writing.
Liked High School: Not so much at the time. I do kind of miss it though. Mainly because I miss my English classes and being in the Drama Club.
Want to Get Married: I want to get married. I just don’t want to live with anyone. Unless he is rich and can afford to have a staff because I hate to cook and clean.
Believe in Self: Now I do. It’s amazing what getting rid of negative friends and surrounding yourself with positive people will do for you. And the Effexor helps a lot.
Get Motion Sickness: Yes. Unless I read (which is weird, I know) or fall asleep.
Think Yourself Attractive: Yes and no. I am not overly fond of my body but I do think I can be cute at times.
Think You’re a Health Nut: Uh, no.
Get Along with Parent(s): Well, I get along a lot better with my mother now that we don’t live in the same state. It’s hard to argue with my father since he’s dead. He won’t argue back.
Like Thunderstorms: Love them. Lightning is cool.
Play an Instrument: Kind of. Used to play the clarinet and the piano. I can still read music (barely) and could probably pick out a song on the piano now.

Layer Six:

In the Past Month…

Drank Alcohol: Yes. I In Lisbon, I had a Pina Colada and really horrible wine at a Seder.
Done a Drug: Nicotine. Effexor.
Made Out: Ooh! Ooh! I kissed a guy! Does that count? All I had to do was give him an empty beer bottle. He has nice lips.
Gone on a Date: Allow me to dissolve into laughter.
Visited the Mall: Yes, I was with Beth when she was power shopping.
Eaten an Entire Box of Oreos?: No.
Eaten Sushi: Eww. No.
Been on Stage: Yes. Every Sunday at karaoke.
Been Dumped: See the answer to the gone on a date question. One nice thing about being extremely single is that you don’t get dumped.
Gone Skating: Do people skate anymore? I haven’t skated since the 80’s.
Made Homemade Cookies: No.
Dyed your Hair: Yes. Last weekend.
Stolen Anything: Yes. A cloth on the train to Évora so I could scrapbook it. I am a hardened criminal.

Layer Seven:


Played a Game that Required the Removal of Clothing: Yes. I played Strip Magic. I am so ashamed.
If So, Was it Mixed Company: Yes.
Been Trashed or Extremely Intoxicated: Yes.
Been Caught "Doing Something": Gee, I wonder what you could mean by “Doing Something?” How old is the author of this meme? Anyway, the answer is yes but only because someone walked into my room by mistake.
Been Called a Tease: No.
Gotten Beaten Up: No.
Shoplifted: Yes. Not proud of it.
Changed Who You Were to Fit In: Yes. When I used to date, I would change into what I thought the guy wanted so I could hold on to them. This person I thought they wanted was the exact opposite of me and clingy. I turned into the type of woman I hate. Took me a long time to realize I don’t need to be with a guy to justify my existence.

Layer Eight:

Age You Hope to be Married: Um, 42. Only because I watched recently watched The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (objective review here).
Numbers and Names of Children: I am not having children. Wait, let me rephrase that. I am not giving birth to children. I may adopt someday, a nice teenager or two. If, on the off chance that they hate their names and want to change them to something I want, I would choose the name True Frances for a girl and Matthew Eugene for a boy. Of course, there is always Dmitri Aloyious…
How Do You Want to Die: Die? Mwahahahaha! I shall live forever! Haven’t you been paying attention? I am the Queen of the Universe! Okay, in my sleep, when I’m 105, surrounded by my harem of younger men in their 50’s.
Where You Want to Go to College: The School of Hard Knocks. I don’t know. Somewhere that has a good writing program. A good Fiction writing program.
What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up: I want to travel the world with Beth and take pictures and write fascinating guide books and novels.
What Country Would You Most Like to Visit: London.

I kid, I kid. I want to go to England. I will, however, be going to Italy in 2007.

Layer Nine:

Number of Drugs Taken Illegally: Five. I think.
Number of People I Could Trust with My Life: Five.
Number of CDs I Own: No clue. They’re all on iTunes so I don’t have to worry about this stuff anymore.
Number of Piercings: Five. My ears are double pierced. You get to guess where the fifth one is.
Number of Tattoos: Three. I want more.
Number of Times My Name Has Appeared in the Newspaper?: Outside of High School, I don’t think it has.
Number of Scars on My Body: Too many to count, most of them on my hands. I do have some chicken pox scars on my stomach.
Number of Things in My Past that I Regret: Losing my virginity. If I was to go back and repeat things, knowing what I know now, I would probably still be a virgin. I also regret letting my weight get out of control and allowing people to control me in the past under the guise of friendship.