Monday, May 09, 2005

Okay, I'm kind of bored

I'm waiting for pictures to load onto They are being stubborn and taking a long time.

However, to release me from my boredom, I did have a lovely chat with Johnny. I also took this extremely odd quiz. But you know, mud sculpture? I could see it.

And somebody found my blog through the google search "Green duckies turn me on." I'm both frightened and intrigued by this.

Take Up A Creative Hobby

When inspired, you can get enough ideas running through your head to keep you busy for hours. Your hobbies are sometimes a little different from other people's because you can't express yourself in the same ways everyone else does.

Our Potentially Ridiculous Hobby Suggestion For You:
Mud sculpture
Get some dirt and some water and make small creatures out of mud. It's fun for all the kids.

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