Monday, May 23, 2005

It All Started Because Someone Hated NABABNA

So I mentioned that today is my one year anniversary for blogging. Here’s how I got started.

As you know, I work for NABABNA (fake name for the large bank I work for). One Saturday night at work in the main call center, I was bored. Bored, bored, bored. I had remembered stumbling across a website a few weeks before that talked about how the website owner absolutely despised NABABNA (Put us on the same level as the Anti-Christ. I would link to their website but, of course, that would reveal what company we work for and that would just be wrong). In my boredom, I decided to see if I could pull up the website again so I could send the link to Beth (not that we would ever look at the website when we were working. That would be wrong). As I was searching through the results pulled up, I stumbled across something that looked even more interesting.

I can’t remember why the site caught my eye. I can’t even remember whose site it was. But it was a list. Well, we’ve determined that I like lists and memes so I pulled up the site. If I remember right, the post (although I didn’t know that was what it was called at the time) was titled “An A-Z list of things I hate.”

I was intrigued. Here was some random guy writing about stuff. Anything that caught his attention. I started reading his archives. It was amusing. It made me start thinking that “Hey, I a) am really, really funny (and extremely modest) and b) love attention. What better thing to do than start a blog of my own?”

So that’s how I started blogging. This has been a great year and I’ve really enjoyed “meeting” new people and finding new blogs. It’s a lot of fun when Beth and I can have a conversation about someone who we have never officially met but express concern for something they are going through or find ourselves talking to our IRL friends about their blogs. Beth and I also had the joy and excitement of actually traveling to Portugal and meeting Johnny in real life.

And, hey, just for fun, here are some posts for you to read. Some of you are new readers and may not have had the great pleasure of reading them (hey, I was being sarcastic when I said I was modest).

My first post explained why my site is called Green Duckies and Other Tales of Dana.

Why I refer to myself as the Queen of the Universe.

A post about blueberries.

Two of my favorite karaoke posts, Beer Goggles 1 and 2

The vant about the song “Midnight At The Oasis.”

I hope you enjoy them! It’s been a great year, everyone. Thanks for being a part of it.

The links have been fixed. Thanks, Carol, for pointing out that there was a problem.