Sunday, May 15, 2005

BJTM Update

Remember when I did the first post about bringing Johnny to America in August and how I said that we had $3.59 towards Bringing Johnny To Minnesota? That was on May 5th.

Today is May 15th (really, really early in the morning because I can't sleep and am sick and am hoping to wear myself out so I can freakin' sleep already!). Ten days since we started this whole thing (well, 10 days since I first posted about it, I think). Do you know what you people have done? Do you?

I just checked the report for Adsense. We are at $34.72. In 10 days. We are making an average of 3.113. This is very exciting!

Also, Beth now has the ads up as well on her blog so go and click on them as well. You know what's really fun? Open up her blog on two or three seperate web pages and then go through her past archives and click the ads that show up for each one. I have probably clicked over 50 ads tonight (this morning? Oh, I don't know). I would click on mine as well but unfortunately that won't count. Darn. But! I can click from work obsessively on my breaks and lunch!

In unrelated BJTM news, Jeff, Keem and I watched National Treasure tonight (last night?). I enjoyed it. There was a cute bad guy and henchmen with accents and history (possibly made up but who cares) and Jeff entertained us with his lust for the guy that played Riley, Nicolas Cage's sidekick. Which I totally get because the guy was pretty cute. But I liked the bad guy better (like that's a shock (like Dylan Sanders (Drew Barrymore) in Charlie's Angels, I always think the bad guy is hot)), even though he was blond.

Ooh, that was a yawn! I think it's time for bed. Good night all.