Friday, May 20, 2005

Five questions (and answers) about me!

Thank you, Carol, for recognizing my desperate cry for something to blog about. I appreciate it. I accept your 5 questions willingly.

1. If your house was burning down but you had time enough to take just three items with you (even if they're huge, but assume animals and people are already safely out), what would the items be?

Thank you for adding the animals and people are safely out. That would have been a tough one to answer. Okay. Three items.

Well, thankfully, most of my scrapbooking stuff is at Beth’s but I would need to grab my Vegas scrapbook album. It contains the pictures of my sister’s wedding and I would be horrified if that was destroyed. I would toss it into my wheelie tote with the rest of my scrapbooking stuff.

I would also need to take Hippo. As much as I would miss Frug (a frog) and Kit (newest addition to the Jones family, a pink and black cat shaped pillow bought in Portugal), Hippo has been part of my sleeping routine for years and I don’t think he could be replaced easily.

My purse. It has my identification, my banking paraphanelia, my make-up bag (which even has toothpaste and deodorant), a week’s supply of Effexor (thankfully, I keep my main supply at work), my blogger notebook, my karaoke list, and whatever book I am reading (currently Mary Higgins Clark’s newest, No Place Like Home). That way, while I’m waiting for the fire trucks, I could read.

I am assuming that the insurance company would replace my CPAP machine, otherwise I would have to include that on the list and forget about the scrapbooking stuff.

2. Think of the color you hate most. If you found an outfit that fit you perfectly and was way affordable, would you still purchase it if it was your most hated color?

There really aren’t any colors that I hate. Except maybe chartreuse which is, if I remember correctly, a yellowish-green color. If the outfit fit AND looked good on me, then yeah, I probably would purchase it. If it doesn’t look good against my skin and hair color, then there’s no point in buying it.

3. Have you ever done something extra special for someone but they never appreciated it one bit? (no fair using bosses)

Actually, yes. Probably about six or seven years ago, I decided to move in with a “friend” because she was having financial difficulties. I was going to help her get out of debt (which is pretty funny, actually, I’m not the best with a budget). I’m pretty sure I’ve posted the story before, I’ll have to find it.

4. Has a tree ever hugged you back?

Not literally. The trees don’t wrap their branches around me or anything. But there is such a peace that comes over you when you embrace Nature through a tree. And hugging makes you happy! It's a proven fact! Since the trees don't run away from me, I'm going to keep hugging them.

5. You suddenly find yourself having to totally change careers. You can't work in anything that is bank- or numbers-related. What path do you choose to pursue?

Oh, that’s easy. First of all, I hate math. I am in banking because I love customer service. I could easily find work in a large corporation as an administrative assistance or secretary since I have excellent phone skills, type approximately 80 words per minute and have 10,000 keystrokes per hour on a 10 key pad. As long as I work with Microsoft Word and Excel, I’ll be happy.

But if I suddenly won a ton of money and didn't have to work anymore, I'd try to finish my stupid novel.