Friday, September 10, 2004

Conversations before, at and after Karaoke

Before Karaoke:

As Beth and I were driving to Catherine's, we were fortunate enough to see a gentleman (yes, sarcasm) walking down the sidewalk, attired in jeans. No shirt. Why do men think we want to see them shirtless? Okay, granted, there are some men that I find attractive and would enjoy seeing them shirtless, but these men are chiseled, muscular, attractive men. They are not the average man. Would you like to see me walk down the street shirtless? No, you would not. And therefore, I cover myself (that and the fact I don't want to get arrested). Guess who said this (Beth or myself so you have a 50/50 chance of being right) - "Dude, you are in public! Man boobs are so not sexy."

During Karaoke:

While Lisa Jo and unknown male came up to sing "Picture," she remarked to him "You're blue, I'm pink, we're yellow." It amused me for some odd reason. Random comments during the singing of the song (Have I mentioned that I hate this song?) pretty much circled around the fact that this song is not romantic and the characters portrayed in the song are wh*res. Yep. Drinking, drug-using wh*res who can't wait a day after they break up with each other before climbing into bed with someone else. Beth and I may have frightened Angi a little bit. I hate this song. Hate it! Argh! Gar (random pirate noises)! Although Lisa Jo is fabulous and did a good job singing it, it still is an awful song. What was the person who wrote this thinking?

"Put your hands together and then put your hands in your pants and if you're not wearing underwear and you were when you came in, they're by the front door," Bryan announces after someone has finished singing. I turned to Matt. "Y'know, that's a little crazier than I want my bar to be." Yes, apparently someone (male or female, no clue) decided to take their underwear off and leave it by the door. Why would you do that? Is it supposed to be sexy?

After Karaoke:

Leaving the bar.
DM: Boots are the devil.
Beth: You just need to break them in.
DM: Bras are the devil.

Slight pause.

DM: You know, I pretty much think all clothes are the devil. If it was up to me, we'd all walk around in large pink nightgowns.

Another slight pause.

DM: That's going to be my first act as president.

Then we began determining how people would reflect their sexuality in the large pink nightgowns. Beth suggested fluffy, pink bunnies for those who wanted to reflect their feminine side. Whiskers and other embellishments would be added for those who were more flamboyant. However, Matt and other more masculine people would have a whip added.

DM: And Matt will say "I may be pink but I ain't fluffy."

Beth and I are kind of weird sometimes.

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At 3:51 PM, The Lioness said...
:D make it men's pyjamas and i'm in. And men's boobs are... - the absolute pits. (I´n honour of your blog 'm trying to keep my language clean, I have a cursing streak that would probably cause you to code ;))

At 8:04 AM, Firebear said...
Fluffy Pink Bunny Slippers?