Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Random Stuff

At Perkins with Beth, the night Matt fell asleep and didn't join us.

There are two girls sitting kitty-corner to us. The song "Jenny" comes on. It must have got stuck in the head of one of the girls because, for a good twenty minutes later, we keep hearing this. For those of you who don't know the song, it consists of the phone number 867-5309 being sung over and over again. Here is what brainiac is singing:

857-309 (Beth remarks "Phone numbers typically have 7 digits, not 6.")

She also, for some odd reason, maybe to ward off evil spirits, shouts out "I've got boobs!" Yeah, well, so do I.

Beth Wisdom

B: Do you remember those 'Choose Your Own Adventure' books?
DM: Affirmative sound
B: Linking on the internet is kind of like that.

She is right. If I read someone's blog and click, I am transported to a new adventure. Maybe it'll be a fun new website (you have found treasure), maybe the linked site is no more (dead end) or maybe you'll end up on a scary porn site (you have been eaten by a lion).

The internet is a vast and wonderful place.

Midnight At The Oasis (okay, no, it was IHOP but that was the song playing (which deserves a post all of its own about the oddness))

Beth was in an extremely logical mood. This is the night of the internet war, the night where she responded to Mr. Silver (see here and here for more information). A song is playing.

Turn the beat around. Turn it upside down.

I wonder if the music spills out when it is upside down. Beth actually tries to prove that turning the beat upside down will not actually change it. But she's not assuming that it won't (Seriously, check out the above links if you haven't already read it).

There is this girl sitting behind us and I feel so sorry for her. She is surrounded by what must be both sets of grandparents. The conversation starts out with one of her grandmothers saying "Oh, we're drinking decaffinated coffee. Dad wants to sleep tonight (for the interest of brevity, I will not list all the reasons why it annoys me when husbands and wives refer to each other as Mom and Dad. Except for this - Dammit, you have names! Names! Use them!)."

The grandaughter makes a comment about how she likes to mix chocolate and strawberry syrup into her milk. Apparently there are certain political ramifications that I was not aware of. This is obviously akin with saying that she supports slavery for the reaction she got. "Why do you do that?" "You can't have both! That's wrong." "Why can't you drink plain milk?" "We drink decaffinated coffee."

I'm just waiting. Waiting until I get old. Then I'll sit around and talk about how Dad and I like peas and beans. But not canned beans. Not because I just like the taste of fresh or frozen better. Oh, no. It'll be because they're a different color.

That poor girl. And grandparents wonder why their grandkids won't spend any time with them.

Previous Comments:
At 8:35 PM, The Lioness said...
"Midnight At The Oasis", love it. There's a writer in you, you have amazing turns of phrase. Don't ever try to eat a cheese and ham sandwich in Germany,BTW, very impolite. Very unheard of. (I'm glad to see you found Jay, isn't he fabulous?)

At 1:37 AM, DeAnn said...
OK, first, I always thought Tommy Tutone's song was called 867-5309. I'm a moron.

Sounds like a fun night, though.

At 2:47 AM, brooksba said...
Ahhh,I remember IHOP. Yum, IHOP... Oh, I lost track. I can't wait for the Midnight at the Oasis post. Please, please, please!!!Beth

At 10:44 AM, CarpeDM said...
Actually, DeAnn, I couldn't remember if it was "Jenny" or "867-5309" so I could be the moron. Either way, it's a great song.

At 8:10 PM, angelia said...
I would rather be dehydrated than drink decaffinated coffee. There is no point to no caffine in coffee....it is like...like...eating pretzels without having the sour cream/mustard mix.