Tuesday, September 28, 2004

The Weekend Update

Odd, isn't it, that it's Tuesday and I'm doing a weekend update. Ah, the wonders of my active social life. My time is wanted and enjoyed by all. Yeah, I'm laughing as well.

But I was busy. Friday night was the Melissa Etheridge concert, of which I have already posted.
Saturday night was house-sitting at Bob and Paul's (friends of Keem). Since I don't drive and work on Sundays (not anymore! Monday through Friday here I come!), I went out to Shakopee with Keem.

Just a note, I don't like plants. Or spending the night in a strange house. I was convinced all night that the plants were going to rise up and strangle me. There were a lot of plants.

Sunday was karaoke! Always fun. Beth and I've decided that, unless we post otherwise, we want not going to karaoke to be the exception. So, if you have nothing to do on a Sunday night and would like to spend some quality time with Beth and I, come on up to the Chalet in Saint Paul. Everyone's welcome.

Yesterday was Keem's birthday. We went to Applebee's with Beth. Then we went to a stamp store where I spent money. Ah, stamping. It'll be fun. I'm weak. Give me a scrapbook or stamping store and my debit card leaps out of my purse all on it's own.

Tonight I will be making cards. It will be fun.

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Greetings. While doing some maintenance on my own Blog, I found your comment regarding Allo Allo and Rowan Atkinson. You can write to him care of his manager at 5 Soho Square, London W1V5DE. Give him my regards if you will. By the way... I'm NOT kidding.