Friday, September 17, 2004

Just an update of random stuff

Okay, it's Friday night and I'm hanging out at the phone bank again. Going to IHOP with Beth later. Always fun.

I am working on a post for Midnight at the Oasis because of the requests. Believe me when I say it will be fun and sarcastic and a little bit scary all at once.

Beth wanted me to blog about the song I was singing when we were outside but I don't really remember it (notebooks were inside). It was something like this:

My feet are happy feet.
They like to sing and dance.
A tap of the foot from there to here
Means that I love you dear.
A kick and a shuffle
means that you're an asshole.

I stop with my happy feet song. Beth and I start laughing. I am, apparently, insane.

NABABNA was holding a dunk tank for a charity today. Management volunteered to be dunked and the Cream Puff Man was in the tank. I looked over and said to Adam and Beth "I'll donate 50 dollars if I can just hold his head under water for five minutes." Two minutes later, one of the bankers is throwing balls at the dunk tank thingy that releases the dunkee and keeps missing. She goes to pick up the balls and then, when he's not expecting it, hits the dunk tank thingy and he goes Splash! Completely made my day.

Extremely interesting and fun stuff on Dooce and Matt's blog today. I read these on my lunch and could not help but laugh, that insane laugh that makes people back away from you. Tears spurting from my eyes laughter.

I was trapped outside with Beth and Troy while they were talking about statistics. It was like watching Spock mindmeld with Spock. I was scared. At one point, I covered my ears and started singing "lalalala." Which might be where the happy feet song came from. Not sure.

Life is good in the green ducky universe. Hope everything's good in your universe. Oh, and before I forget, we're going to karaoke on Sunday again and you're always, always invited. I don't think there will be a red shirt involved though. Sorry.

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At 9:55 PM, brooksba said...
Ah Dana,You are a freak. But I like freaks. Thank you for the fun of your feet song and dance at work. That made my nights. You will understand stats someday. I'll make you. And now I have an ally in Troy. Imagine evil laughter.Beth