Friday, September 24, 2004

A new link from frog!

Okay, to those of you who have actually read (or already know) the post on what a green duckie is, you will understand why this link makes me happy.

Those of you who don't, here the green duckie link is again. Go read it. Marvel at the insanity that is Dana. Marvel at the cool-headed logic that is Beth.

Anyway, I like frogs. They are cool. I also like rubber ducks. And I like green duckies (and rubber duckies as well. And, okay, birds are pretty cool).

Someday, after I move to my new desk at NABABNA, I will liberate Sir Lee from the acrylic jar he is stuffed into (hey, I wanted to make sure he made it in one piece) and take his picture. He is one of my favorite frogs. He is rubber filled with liquid and he has this half-smile, half sneer on his face and he looks surly (hence the name). I like him. He squishes when you squeeze him (but not too hard because I would be upset if he burst).