Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Song Title Dialouge - I and You

Okay, there is probably a reason why Beth and I are still single.* This is what we did for fun on Sunday, flip through the karaoke book and come up with different song titles to use as dialouge. It's really my fault, I was looking at page 24 of the older selections and thought "Hmm, this looks like it could be poetry. " I pointed it out to Beth and she said "Hmm, this looks like a conversation." So here goes. If this post goes over well, expect more. *That and the fact that the only men to show interest in us are usually drunk.

Male persona is #1, female persona is #2 or actually, since this is a gay friendly blog, first persona is #1, second persona is #2 and you can assign any gender to it that you want. Can't you just imagine this conversation taking place at a bar? There are certain pairings that I found either amusing or poignant or slightly bizarre. I will highlight them and leave a remark about those.

1: I think I love you.
2: You ain't seen nothing yet.

1: I think I love you too much.
2: You are my sunshine.

1: I think I'll just stay here and drink.
2: You are so beautiful.

1: I told you so.
2: You are the sunshine of my life.

1: I touch myself.
2: You beat me to the punch.

This one amused both Beth and I. Either #2 is saying "Hey, I was thinking about the same thing" or "Hey, I was thinking about touching you." They both work.

1: I walk the line.
2: You belong to me.

1: I wanna dance with somebody.
2: You can do magic.

1: I wanna dance with you.
2: You can't hurry love.

#2 - Hey, don't rush me, dude. I'll dance when I'm ready to dance.

1: I want to be your man.
2: You don't have to be a star, baby.

1: I want to know what love is.
2: You don't own me.

1: I want you back.
2: You give good love.

1: I want you, I need you, I love you.
2: You give love a bad name.

1: I want you to want me.
2: You got it.

1: I want your sex.
2: You got it all.

1: I was country when country wasn't cool.
2: You keep me hanging on.

1: I went to your wedding.
2: You light up my life.

1: I will always love you.
2: You made me love you.

1: I will survive.
2: You make loving fun.

1: I wish it would rain.
2: You make me feel brand new.

It makes me think of flowers somehow.

1: I wouldn't have missed it for the world.
2: You make me feel like dancing.

1: I write the songs.
2: You needed me.
This so would have worked better if You make me feel like dancing fell here but hey, I must remain true to my art and can't start mixing things up.

1: I'd do anything for love.
2: You ought to be with me.
Yeah, you ought to be with me if you'd do anything for love. I'm a romantic as well (and yes, I know it's the Meatloaf song and it's somewhat sardonic, I still like the song and this section).

1: I'd like to teach the world to sing.
2: You sexy thing.
It rhymes!

1: I'd love you to want me.
2: You should be dancing.

1: I'd really love to see you tonight.
2: You were on my mind.

What set this off was I saw the following song titles in order and I thought it was poetic.

I think I love you.
I think I love you too much.
I think I'll just stay here and drink.
I told you so.
I touch myself.
I wanna dance with somebody.
I wanna dance with you.

Isn't that beautiful?

If public response is good, there will be another post, this one will be answers to songs that start with when. Let me know what you think.

Previous Comments:
At 2:29 PM, DeAnn said...
OK, that is NOT a reason that you're single. That is the reason that people should want to be around you. Too funny.I think you're both single because you're just too picky! (That's the excuse I've always used when I'm single.)
At 4:54 PM, brooksba said...
Dana,Thank you. This was fun at karaoke and way fun to read here!This is about all my mind can handle right now. I think one of my favorites from the dialouge was:1: I want you, I need you, I love you.2: You give love a bad name.No reason why. I just found it amusing. I can't wait for the when post. If you want the songs I wrote down, let me know. They might help.
At 1:47 PM, Matt said...
If you ever wonder why I love to be around you, and why I love you like I do Dana, this is reason enough right here. That was so much fun to read. I am thinking about something though, this might be an intresting test to do to some people, Music Word Association. You give them a song title, and they have to respond with the first song title that pops into their mind. For instance, everytime I hear the title "I Touch Myself" I immediatley think of "Gonna Make You Sweat". I will talk to you later!Matt