Wednesday, January 03, 2007

2007, I hardly know ye and yet I want to bitch slap you

So. 2007. Starting with a kick to the head, I think.

New Year's Eve was awesome. Beth and I went to Perkins and took pictures and had a great time laughing and playing "Ask the iPod." Because iTunes does not lie. iPod seems to think I might be a lesbian which is certainly news to me but we've also discovered in past "Ask the iPod" games that Beth's iPod is not as fond of me as he is her (and yes, we've decided it's a he. He pretty much declared his love for Beth several times).

Yesterday I went to the doctor. Kari was going to drive me but it was too cold so she bribed Eric into taking me. I got poked (blood drawn), got prescriptions faxed (precious, precious Effexor, Seraquel and Albuterol), got advice (asked about the lap band, doesn't work as well as the gastric bypass surgery and we discussed my options) and got a referral (to a nutritionist to start the process of possibly getting the surgery).

Then I came home and cleaned (by the time my appointment and the waiting for Eric to remember to come back to the doctor's office was over, it was closer to 1:30 PM. No point in going in for 2 hours). I know. I was shocked as well. I didn't do anything major or accomplish a lot but it was something. I am in a much smaller room after the move and the clutter of the boxes is bad enough, I really don't need to be tripping over everything as well.

Today I came to work and watched the queue grow from 5 calls to 10 calls to 25 calls to 40 calls. 40 calls. On January 3rd. What the hell is that? Tax Season is going to kill me. And it's not as if they're even calling about cost basis or anything. No, it's all about "how do I sell my shares" and "you're really an evil person for not transferring my father's shares even though I didn't actually ask you to transfer the shares from this account, we asked about another account and I've never called before, really, I haven't, I don't care that you have a record of me calling and bitching at people for the last year" and also "I can't figure out how to sign up on, can you help me" and I said "Sure" and then, 25 minutes later, said "Thanks for calling." 25 minutes to sign up for online access is a bit excessive. Just in case you were wondering.

BUT! I also have been cleaning my desk. I know. I am also scared. And I have all of my fun but political post cards and buttons and bumper stickers hanging up and I am so going to get in trouble for them but I don't care. What do they say? Oh, I'm so glad you asked. I got them here (I love these people. Sometimes they get a little political even for me but still, love them), and I have the following:

3 buttons:
Gay Marriage doesn't scare me, hatred & inequality do!
God bless the whole world - no exceptions
Peace is patriotic!

2 bumper stickers:
Coexist (you have to see it, it is so cool)
Where are we going? And why am I in this handbasket (I love this one)

6 post cards:
Honor Similarities. Respect Differences. Celebrate Diversity.
Celebrate the whole boy (black and white, four boys gathered around another boy playing the violin, they're all in football uniforms)
Peace Prayer Wheel (scroll down here)
Monarch - May all beings be happy. May all beings be peaceful. May all beings be free (Did you know that genetically engineered vegetables kill Monarch butterflys? I didn't. Let's not eat it).
Paper Crane - Paper Crane, I will write peace on your wings and you will fly all over the world (Sadako Sasaki got leukemia because of Hiroshima and decided to make 1,000 origami paper cranes but only completed 664 before she died at age 12. The paper crane is now a symbol for world peace)
Well Behaved Women rarely make history (here).

22 calls holding. My break is now over. Dagnabit. Grr.