Tuesday, January 23, 2007

And the chicken conspiracy continues

As you may or may not know, Beth has a tendency to say "CHICKEN" to me at odd times. If I say "What should I sing?" I'll get "Chicken!" She will try to set up the random chicken sayings, when I least expect them, in an effort to drive me insane. As she has said, the best thing about the chicken is that it's such a common word and so it will get me when I least expect it.

Last night, while Keem and I were watching "Whose Line is it Anyway," the scene was a restaurant where the theme was horror movies. Colin Mochrie is playing a waiter and is asked for the specials. He lurches onto the stage, pretending to be Dracula. "Come to me, chickens of the night," he cries.

Yeah. I lost it.

Chickens. They're everywhere.