Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Pictures, Trip Details and Reason 453 why I should never be allowed to talk to men ever

I think if you were to type 453 in the little search area on the top of the page, you would come up with a lot of hits. I don't know where this number came from but I've been using it for years, starting with the amount of pamphlets my mother brought home from the doctor when I was a teenager (quit smoking, don't have sex, don't ever do anything enjoyable ever because it's bad for you). I know this is going to come as a shock to you all but sometimes, every once in awhile, I exaggerate. Just a little.*

*Co-worker Christy would be rolling her eyes right now over that statement. I do love her so. Even though she is my exact opposite in many ways, my adoration for her is such that I tolerate her using the word "obvi" as an abbreviation for "obviously" (but only because she says it in a completely sarcastic, snotty way and it's funny) and actually walked into a Coach store. I know! Me! I who can't even imagine paying more than $20 for a purse and have resorted to putting my fingers in my ears (and also saying lalalala) when she mentions what she paid for a pair of shoes. I don't get designer fashion. But she does and I thought it would be cool to say "hey, I was thinking of you on my vacation." And I even ending up buying something for the both of us (cell phone charms. Although, since I don't have a cell phone, mine will go on Zoe (my camera)) because it was reasonably priced. I did resist the really cute key chain that was $50. I love key chains with a passion but had to pass it by. No one needs a $50 key chain. Especally someone who doesn't drive.

Anyway, I went back to work today and boy was it ever fun. No, not really. It wasn't horrible but it was the first day back after vacation and that's never something you really want to do. Last night I was trying to convince Keem we should tell Cheryl the car broke down and we were stranded in Wisconsin but then interrupted myself to say "No, that wouldn't work. Let's face it, Cheryl would just come and get us." And then we agreed that she's the best manager ever because she would do exactly that if we were in trouble. I told Cheryl that this morning and she laughed at me but was also pleased by the description.

Oh, I was going to say why I can't talk to men anymore. That would be because I, in another display of verbal diarrhea, decided to have the following conversation with Co-Worker Rykken.

DM: You did something different.

My eyes are narrowed and staring at his hair.

Rykken: I decided to brush it this way (indicates his left. Or right. He was facing me and it was my right so that would be his left? Right? I think?) this morning. Nothing else has changed.
DM: You need to let it grow again. And also grow the beard back.
Rykken: September isn't that far away.
DM: September? You can't make me wait until September!

Later. We have somehow got back on the beard topic again.

DM: You should grow the beard back.
Someone: But it's hot and humid, Dana. Too hot for the beard.
Co-Worker Beau: He should have the beard.
DM: That guy on "Lost" has the beard when it's hot!
Rykken: Who?
Beau: Maybe it's fake.
DM: Sawyer. Josh Holloway. No, it isn't. I read the article and he said he shaves it every hiatus and his wife says "Ooh,who are you?"
Rykken: That's just stubble.
DM: I would be accepting of stubble.
Rykken: Stubble isn't appropriate for work.
DM: Dang it! I have very specific criteria for my eye candy and you are failing!
Rykken: Eye candy? I've never been called eye candy before.
DM: Oh dear God, that was probably not appropriate for work.

And then I hid for the rest of the day until we forgot all about it.

Speaking of not appropriate for work, I made Beau the coolest thing this week. It was so easy and fun and it is the first cross stitch thing I have done that has not taken me years and caused me so much frustration that I set it aside and forgot all about it (sorry about that, Beth and Diana. Although, Diana, I did find the one I started for you last month when I was cleaning my room. Of course, now I can't find it again. And I was pretty much done. Except for the French knots. I hate French knots. They are evil and mean).

Made by me!

I found it on the Subversive Cross Stitch website and it was the easiest thing ever. No half stitches, no daisy stitches, just simple and cute and fun. I love to cross stitch but get cranky when I can't get it to work properly (I may have mentioned the French knots) or I screw up. But this was so simple that I even smiled when I realized I had put a heart in the wrong place and had to redo the whole thing. I smiled! Because I enjoyed it. I've already started stitching another one for old roommate Jeff because I think he'll get a kick out of it as well. And then it is back to the website for the Bite Me one. And then the WTF? Keem wants me to make the Happy Fucking Holidays quartet for next Christmas.

The creator, Julie, wrote on her instructions to enjoy the thrill of stitching snarky messages where people would least expect them. And she was so right!

Okay, now for some trip pictures:

There was a Cheese Shop across the street from the Ramada. On the 2nd floor, there were some clothes and hats. Including the CHICKEN! hat. Keem and I had to wear the hat for proof of the oddness. No, we did not buy the hat.

Chicken Head2

Chicken Hat

I took Hippo on the trip with me. After a long day out, we came home to find the room cleaned and Hippo awaiting on top of the bed. I loved staying at the Ramada.

Hippo rests from his weary day

Here is one of the pictures from the Mustard Museum. I love this type of print and so was pleased to capture it!

Oh Barry

Look. It is a tractor. I am fascinated with farms. I don't know why.


This picture turned out much better than I thought it would. It's a turkey vulture.

Turkey vulture

This is one of the many cool rock sculptures on the Wisconsin River. This is called the Ink Pot.

Ink pot

This is the dam for the Wisconsin River. One of 27? Something like that. The Wisconsin is known as the hardest working river.


Keem's mom Kathy in the Witch's Gulch.

Kathy in Witch's Gulch

This was not from my vacation, it was on a trip to the happy place (casino) outside of Hastings. As you know, my cat's name is Eddy. I figure this will make a good scrapbook title for when I finally finish my Portugal album.

Eddy Street

In LaCrosse, we drove by the River Walk or River View or something River. There was a prom. I love taking pictures of random people.

Random Prom people

We went to the Isle of Capri on our first weekend in LaCrosse. It's a River Boat Casino in Marquette, Iowa. This is the city hall in Marquette. I thought it was cute. The 2nd picture was taken from the boat and is of a flag and bridge.

Marquette Iowa City Hall

Flag & Bridge View from Isle of Capri boat

Here is a picture from the Minnesota Zoo. It is Katie, Jamie, Keem and me. And my new glasses!

It is irritating that Keem is always much more photogenic than me.

Katie, Jamie, Keem and me!

There will be more pictures to come. I only loaded these because I could actually figure out what they were when trying to load. I'm going to have to play around with the others.