Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Weekend Fun, a Keem Funny and a Meme

I had a nice long 4 day weekend where I went to LaCrosse with Keem.  It was very relaxing.  We didn't do much except hang out with Keem's mom and shop.  No trip to Shopko (favorite store, no clue why) or a place where I could get my hair cut, unfortunately (and yes, I did cut the bangs again.  Except this time I managed to do it when half of them were tied back off of my face in a pony tail.  So the resulting look is well, um, weird, I guess we could say.  At least I did manage to dye my hair and am not dealing with the white streak down the middle anymore.

Before my department moved to the new building, Keem and I used to drive to work over the Mississippi River on the Wabasha Bridge.  Since summer is here, we have been on the lookout for canoes.  Or as Keem and I call them "canoeseses."*  There is something fun about looking down and seeing tiny canoes on the river.

DM:  Look!  There are canoeseses.
Keem:  There are canoeseses.  I wonder if they are from the Canoe of M?
DM:  Hahahahaha!  You said Canoe of M.
Keem:  U of M.  I made a funny.

*I'm not exactly sure where this came from.  One day, while Keem and I were waiting at the movie theater for someone to meet us (Beth?  My sister?  No clue), we started talking about my fascination with E's, especially double E's, and how I started substituting double E's whenever there was a vowel (so Kim is now Keem, Dana would be Deenee, Beth is Beeth, etc.  Nothing really stuck except for Keem (although I do say Wuter instead of Water which has nothing to do with E's at all but can be summed up in three words.  I am odd)) and started coming up with a language of our own.  Adding eses at the end of plural words may have come from that (Or I may also say "Keem, I am tirededed.").

While in LaCrosse, Keem asked me for the remote.  But she said remoteses.

DM:  You can not say remoteseses.  There is only one remote.
Keem:  I did not say remoteseses.  Remoteseses is plural.  If there is only one remote, than it is a remoteses.
DM:  Our language is weird.
Keem:  Hey!  You started it!

And I can't argue with that.  I did start it.  But again.  I'm odd.


Hope you all had a great 4th.  And, because I did manage to spend some money on cross stitch supplies, I am going to post this Meme I found on Nancy's website awhile back.

Yes, it is a meme but hey, there are presents involved!  Homemade presents.  Presents are fun. 

Here's the gist.  It is like the movie (or book, if you're me and never actually saw the movie) Pay It Forward but without death and tears (and if you've never seen the movie (or read the book), I apologize but hey, I like to know if I'm going to spend an afternoon crying my eyes out because some kid gets murdered for doing a good deed)…

And yes, once again, I have gone off on another tangent.  Anyway, I will make and send a handmade gift to the first 3 people who leave a comment on this post requesting to join the PIF exchange.  You will post a similar promise on your blog promising hand made gifts to others when they post and then gifts will circle the globe!  There will peace and good will amongst people!  Everyone will be happy!

The gift that I will make will probably be a bookmark of some sort.  I have received some compliments regarding my bookmark making skills.  What type it is will be up to you…have a favorite Buffy the Vampire Slayer quote?  Angel?  Firefly?  I can cross stitch it for you along with a fun pattern of some sort (and yes, I will work with the non-Joss Whedon oeuvre.  I'm doing some Buddhist quote for Co-Worker Beau that says "Not Always So."  And no, not exactly sure what it means but if it makes him happy, I'm okay with it).  Or there's the book mark as well where I take a fun picture and words to make something interesting and then laminate it.  Beth suggested I try doing this with some of my photos and stickers instead of things from a magazine and as we all know, Beth is pretty gosh darn brilliant.

The whole point is that we're all talented in our own way and what better way to share that with others?  Can't knit, cross stitch, etc.?  How about a framed picture that you took?  Pencil sketch?  Mix tape (okay that would be pushing it)?

Hope you're up for the idea of participating!  I am in a creative mood!