Tuesday, May 23, 2006


I am back after a wondrous vacation. 6 glorious days away from work. Unfortunately, that also means no Internet access (well, not technically, I did have access to Beth's computer but I was lazy and played games) and that means that, when I pulled up my Bloglines account today, there are 488 unread posts waiting for me*. I am overwhelmed but also excited about all the new and fun things for me to read. And I promise I will read them, it just might take awhile since my home computer is broken. Stupid computer.

*Update - it's now 460. I have to stop reading until tomorrow or I am going to get into so much trouble.

Anyway, a funny thing happened at karaoke last night.

Donny (an attractive individual but total player) is singing. Instead of his usual version of Prince's Kiss, he decides to sing Neil Diamond's Brother Love's Traveling Salvation Show. When he gets about halfway through the song, he deviates from the usual lyrics and asks us "Have you met Jesus? I met Jesus. I was at the Taco Bell down the road (on the corner of Rice and Larpenteur) and Jesus was at the counter. I knew he was Jesus because that's what his name tag said. His hair was long (and something I didn't catch). And when Jesus asked me for my order, I wanted Peace on Earth but I got a Taco Supreme instead."

It was, in the words of Johnny, "Hi-larious."

Here are a few pictures of Donny. Thanks so much to Beth that uploaded my pictures this week to flickr or I would be devoid of pictures. She's so great, isn't she?

Dana WI 122

Dana WI 120

Demon Donny

Dana WI 121

Dana WI 119

Dancing Donny