Thursday, May 11, 2006

Did you miss me? I missed me.

I am back. I am weak and ineffectual, the dreaded bronchitis monster has attacked me (I'm assuming it is bronchitis because I feel like someone put a fifty pound weight on my chest) and I want to crawl into bed forever but that would be wrong. So I'm at work right now, on my break, wondering where 2 1/2 hours went and watching people watch me, waiting for me to keel over at any moment.

I was going to participate in the day in the life thing that Sheryl and others do. It was supposed to be on Saturday but I only have a vague idea of what I did on Saturday. Here is Saturday and the rest of the week so far, to the best of my knowledge.

8:00 AM Wake up. Curse the fates that have woken me up this early on a Saturday. Go sit out in the living room and cross stitch while watching Oscar.

9:30 AM Keem yells at me to get ready. I tell her I am ready. She says "You are not going out like that." Jeff laughs and says she is mean. I look at him and say "I don't match and my hair is a mess. I'm not going out like this." I was wearing a purple tank top with green and blue flowered capri pants. It doesn't match. Plus, haven't shaved my legs in awhile. I tie my hair up, change to jeans and brush my teeth.

11:00 AM Go to Weight Watchers. Weigh in. I am down 1.8 pounds, a total of 12.4. Can I get a woo-hoo? Keem is also down a pound. We are pleased.

11:15 AM We are on our way to go to a movie. The movie of choice today is RV, Keem has wanted to see it for awhile.

11:30 AM Arrive at movie theater, Keem buys tickets, I purchase refreshing beverages and popcorn.

12:45 PM Movie is over, it was funny. We both enjoyed it. Jeff Daniels is in it as well so that was a nice suprise, you don't see him in the previews. Just Robin Williams.

1:00 PM My whining has paid off, we are going to Jo-Ann's so I can buy fun and exciting cross stitch things to work on while at work and while watching TV. It seriously helps cut down the snacking a lot.

Random conversation I have had with Keem to convince her she should start cross stitching again.

DM: Keem. You should get a fun project to work on.
Keem: I may. I don't know yet.
DM: And then we would be stitch buddies!
Keem: If you ever refer to us as stitch buddies again, I won't start cross stitching again.
DM: You don't want to be stitch buddies?
Keem: Enough with the stitch buddies!

2:00 PM I have been dragged out of Jo-Ann's and we are going to get food. We decide to go to Culver's. This was probably a mistake.

2:30 PM We arrive at home and eat Culver's. Yummy Wisconsin Swiss Melt with yummy cheese and cheese curds on the side and my, I am full now.

3:00 PM We decide to watch lots and lots of movies. The DVD player decides it is broken. It is holding Keem's copy of Dungeons and Dragons hostage.

The next few days pass in a blur because I am sick. All I know is that Saturday night, I had heart burn. Heart burn turned into acid reflux. The acid reflux made me phlegmy (sp?). The phlegm inhabited my lungs and turned into bronchitis. All I pretty much did was sit in the chair, stare at the television and want to die.

Fortunately I did not die. I am back at work. We could say woo-hoo about this but it is not very sincere. I could have stayed home today but, if I did, that would mean I would quickly run out of vacation time. As it is, with the planned trip next week and some time off around Beth's birthday, I have only 4 days unplanned vacation time left. Hmm. This does not bode well.

I am still working my way around to your sites. Sorry it's taking so long. Stupid computer is still broken. Which is stupid. And I was banned from Keem's computer while I was sick. Keem says "If you are too sick to go to work, you are too sick to use my computer."