Monday, June 19, 2006

Manic Monday

Hello all. It is Monday. What do we know about Mondays? Many things. Mainly that they suck. Would you like to know why? Of course you would.

*It is 12:07 PM. The outdoor temperature is a lovely 67 degrees. Indoors it is 85 degrees. And rising. We got the email on Friday about how we could wear shorts all week because the air conditioning is still (STILL!) being worked on. Let me wear a tank top as well and I'd be a bit happier. But that would not be allowed.

*We have 23 calls holding. It could be worse (and was), earlier today it was 35 calls holding. WTF? What could possibly be so important that you have to call? Almost all of my requests have been for address changes so they're fairly simple calls but then you get the doozies. Like the call that took over 7 minutes while I tried to explain how to sell shares to some old guy. Or the woman who exploded and demanded a supervisor when I wouldn't tell her anything about the account because she wasn't the stock holder. Apparently the stock holder is deaf. Last I checked, however, deaf doesn't mean stupid so I suggested that she send in a letter asking her question and the woman thought this was the most horrendous idea ever. How DARE I ask this? When I told her the supervisor was on a call, she said she would hold or wanted to speak to my supervisor's supervisor and she wanted to speak to a man because women are stupid. Oh, yeah, that's really going to make me receptive to your needs, lady.

I finally did get her over to a supervisor, let's call her Mary, who came to see me later and told me about the call.

Mary: Apparently women are stupid and don't know anything and men are the only ones that can be trusted.
DM: Is she aware of the fact that she's a woman?
M: I don't know. Maybe not because women are stupid, after all. I hung up on her when she calling me an 'f*cking c*nt.'
DM: Oh, good for you!
M: Yeah, that was the last straw. She kept screaming she wanted to talk to a man and I told her she didn't have that option, if she wanted to talk to my supervisor. I told her my supervisor is a woman and also on a call so she had the choice to either give me her phone number or talk to me. Then she called me the name and I just went 'bloop (made gesture to indicate hitting the release button on the phone).'

*I assisted a total of 3 walk in shareholders in 20 minutes because we got a lunch rush. Said lunch rush always seems to coordinate when I am on lunch (imagine that). So this means I'm going to start taking my lunch around 11 AM. This is not going to be particularly fun because this will make the afternoon drag.

*I got my computer back on Friday. Jamie saved all of my music and pictures to another computer. I re-formatted the computer on Friday night. Restarted computer. Eagerly put a CD into CD slot, waiting for it to load to my computer and solve all of my computer problems. Computer makes faint whirring noise, acknowledging that there is a CD in the slot but will not load. I have no idea what to do about this. Other than throwing said computer out the window which would probably be bad since I live on the 26th floor and might kill someone. I don't want people to die because of my stupid computer.

*I'm working on posts about karaoke but haven't had a lot of time to write anything. Read a few blogs today and hoping to hit some more during lunch tomorrow. Hopefully it will slow down soon. Hopefully.

*Liz used the "L" word on Thursday to describe my feelings for James. As in the "Well, you are in love with James." And, as my mouth dropped open, I said "No, I am in like with him." And she and Beth gave me the look that says "Yeah, hello, Cleopatra, how do you like being the Queen of Denial?" And Beth may have used the word "bullsh*t" to describe my phrase of just being in like with him. Apparently I am not as subtle as I would like to imagine. This is not a bad thing, of course, but I am a female and therefore I must obsess over this.

*I still have Passionate Kisses stuck in my head. I have the entire song memorized and find myself singing it everywhere.

*My break is over and I must go now. Talk to you all later.

My day really isn't that horrible but if I can't vant to you, what am I going to do? Ciao!