Friday, March 30, 2007

And now, by special request, I bring you the pest...I mean adored pet Eddy

Here Eddy sits, surrounded by toys. Does he play with them? Of course not.

Eddy 9

Ah, look. There is sour cream. He must have some. Sour cream is his weakness.

Eddy 1

But wait! There's pizza? Pizza? Eddy loves pizza. Or at least pizza boxes.

Eddy 17

First he must chew on the box. Because that will open the box magically.

Eddy 16

Pawing at the box in an attempt to bury it will also help.

Eddy 15

What should he do now? Climb on top of the box, of course.

Eddy 14

And then there is the pushing. Push the box, Eddy. It will open for you then.

Eddy 18

He will not stop until the box is off the table completely.

And now, it is back to his corner. The box is off of the table, apparently that is all he wanted. Oh and the sour cream. The little pig ate a ton of it.

Eddy 5

There are more pictures of him, lurking somewhere on my computer. It is just a matter of moving them to Keem's computer.

Sarah has two kittens and she emailed me awhile ago asking how Keem and I kept Eddy off the counters. My response, after I laughed myself silly, was this - "Yeah. Eddy's a free range cat. He goes where he wants, drinks from our glasses, eats off of our plates and pretty much runs the household." Seriously. The cat has a specific eating schedule. Not only does he have his dry food but he must have his wet food when we leave in the morning. And when we come home. And there are the Pounce treats and the Temptation treats that must be doled on an as needed basis.

And here is a past post of him, getting into trouble when he helped us decorate the Christmas tree.