Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I am easily amused

Hello! I am feeling much better but have come to the conclusion that Keem can never go out of town again. If she wasn't returning today, I would be worried that I might starve to death. How is it possible to own as much Hamburger Helper as we do and not have any hamburger? Where are the cans of soup? Shouldn't there be soup? Good Lord, how much Ramen noodles did I think I would need (although that was lunch yesterday so good call there)? I actually ended up spending yesterday at home so I am not sure if the latest fiasco was due to poor nutrition choices or the stomach flu. Doesn't really matter, actually, what I do know is that throwing up is not fun. Never really been a fan of it.

Last night, doing my laundry at the very last moment (of course), I found the paper and turned to the most important part of any newspaper, the comic strips (when I was younger, my Grandmother and I referred to them as the "funnies" and she used to save them for me. I'd come over and spend a good hour reading weeks and weeks worth of comic strips. God, I miss her (for many other reasons, besides comic strips. There was also the fact that she and I agreed that Bob Barker was the sexiest man on television (this was a long time ago))).

Anyway, I found this (also available here). I think that "No one ever suspects the socks" is going to be my new catch phrase. My cubicle wall is filled with carefully cut out comic strips that have been "laminated" (yeah, pretty much I put tape over them to keep them somewhat secure. I want a laminator but can't see the company ordering one for me so I can keep my comic strips in pristine condition) and I may be running out of room. What with the frogs and the "diversity is important, dammit!" bumper stickers/buttons/post cards and the magnets/picture frames, etc., I'm starting to be a bit overwhelmed by all of this stuff. But it is cool and I like it and one of these days I'll have to get permission to take pictures of it all so you can see the coolness that is my desk.

Keem called. She will be back tonight. Thank God. I think Eddy would self-destruct if he had to go another day without her. And honestly, so would I. At least we all know she'll be an excellent mother.

Oh, and I forgot that stupid changes to stupid Blogger means that I ended up with the stupid Blogger comments again. Grr. I'll have to figure out haloscan again.

Shelly said...
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11:20 AM
Lioness said...
Ooooh, the new temnplate kicks absolute ass, I love it! It suits you, dahling. If you're eating ramen noodles, it's no wonder you're vomiting, I would as well. You know what you need to do, MOVE HERE! I can't cook to save my life but really, my veggies always taste good. You love veggies. We'll work on fruits, yes? Start packing.Also, no one ever suspects the socks? Bloody brilliant! I think I must adopt it as well, it's just so... perfect. As are you, only you would dig up such a treasure! Hope you survive till Keem returns and brings Order with her.
5:11 PM
Lioness said...
Eh?? Moderation?? What's happening? Must read on!
5:12 PM