Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Shake it up

So yesterday I was approached by Cheryl S. (my boss is Cheryl) who is a manager here at NABABNA Stock Transfer. Apparently there has been some rearranging of the teams and I am no longer going to report to Cheryl, I'm going to report to Cheryl S. (because that's not confusing AT ALL) and she wanted to let me know before the reorganization memo went out.

New Boss Cheryl (NBC): I think this will be great but if you have any problem with this, you should let Sue know (Sue is Cheryl and NBC's manager).
DM: Oh, I know there will be a problem already.
NBC: Oh?
DM: Yes. How can I possibly work with you? You like Mr. Winkle.
NBC: Starts laughing.
DM: I mean, how can I respect someone that likes that thing?

In case you're not aware of the horridness that is Mr. Winkle, it is this small dog like creature that some woman rescued and now spends all of her time dressing him up in costumes and taking his pictures. Like that woman who takes pictures of babies dressed as flowers and fruit. Frightening! NBC loves this dog and has his calendars hanging in her cube. Every time I go to talk to her about something I have to spend some time just shuddering. I don't know what it is but that dog freaks the heck out of me!

I repeated the conversation to Sue this morning. She found it amusing as well. Sigh. I am surrounded by Mr. Winkle groupies.