Wednesday, August 08, 2007

This is not my day but it better start being my day real dang soon! - Update

Should I be worried about the following?

  • I have an interview in 12 minutes.
  • The foundation I decided to put on (in an attempt to mask my constantly red skin with the gigantic zit that decided to pay me a visit today) has sunk into my pores.
  • Instead of having flawless coverage, I look like Monet decided to use my skin as the canvas.
  • The redness is somewhat covered.
  • This is good.
  • Except that there are two more tiny pimples. They don't want to stay covered.
  • I have seen the evil number 3 times today.
  • I'd not worry so much if it was cancelled by 3 viewings or more of my favorite number 777.
  • I am worried that I'm going to say something completely stupid like "I am a very focused individual. I am able to multi (looks into corner at hat rack)...I like your hats...multi task and maintain focus."
  • You laugh but I've done it! In an interview!

Okay, got to go. Want to be early. Wish me luck!

The interview is for a position in another department here, handling stock owners requests to sell, etc.

The interview went well, at least I think it did. I did babble. Babble apparently is my middle name. Well, Odd is my middle name, we've established that (or at least I have a category that says it so it must be true). I think Babble must be my confirmation name. And Marie is the name Mom gave me so she wouldn't have to become a nun (Yep. She got "the call" and made a deal with God that she would name her daughters after the Virgin Mary if she could get out of it). So I'm Dana Marie Odd Babble Vittum at your service.

The problem is, I'm not so sure I want the position. It isn't what I thought it was at all. You're handling transactions but it deals with balancing and math and making sure things are in BALANCE! This is not so good. Math is not my strong point. There's some dealings with a broker and stuff but mainly balancing and math. What to do? What to do? Do I take the position (if it is offered to me) and fake it? Or do I apply for another job in another department because, let's face it, I need to get off of the damn phones soon! I'm getting so burnt out. I need to do something that would utilize my talents more.

Sigh. Life is interesting, isn't it? And the zits brought friends. Bastards.