Thursday, October 11, 2007

Good morning, starshine! AKA I am going to kill Sheryl because this song is still stuck in my head! After six days!


I think I will leave that there and you will all wonder what cryptic code I am leaving for you. Here's a hint. I was trying to access bloglines and blogger popper up at the same time so I ended up typing it here. But it could be spy lingo. Should I quote to you from Burn Notice which is becoming one of my Favorite! Shows! Ever! Yes, I should.

Michael Westen: I've found that if you ever need to make fake C4, cake icing, or fondant, as it is known in the baking world, works the best.

That might not be an exact quote but still, how can you not love this? Michael is the perfect man, handsome, deadly and with a good sense of humor. And then there is Sam, played by my beloved Bruce Campbell (I have many beloved actors. Deal with it). Keem says this show is like McGyver for spies because Michael is always doing this little voiceovers about how you can make powerful magnets to destroy an enemy's computer or make a listening device from a cell phone. Don't know whether it would work or not but still, lots of fun.

Anyway, let's move away from Burn Notice and concentrate on other stuff...

  • I did not get the job I last applied for, as an Account Associate. This is okay. I had pretty much decided if I didn't get it, I would be fine. I love my department and really want to stick around and not move to another floor.
  • My manager, new Cheryl, got the position. So she is a job thief and an abandoner! She giggles every time I tell her this. It is fun.
  • NABABNA recently accquired some new business so we are growing as a Stock Transfer department. Because of that, there are tons of new positions opening up. Keem has applied for 3 of them, I have applied for one - Quality Assurance. I love QA. It is the most important part of customer service, as far as I'm concerned. If you aren't providing the right information, it doesn't really matter what you do. I had my interview today. Keem is going to have a casual interview for the Team Manager position today, I wish her much luck. There's also a training position she is interested in and one for another department but I don't understand what they do. Anyway, please send the bloggy mojo my way!
  • I put my pills in front of my computer so now, when the little reminder goes off, I look at it and then at my pills. Now that they are not hiding it the drawer, it is easier to remember them.

Anyway, that's pretty much it. I'll be making the blog rounds in the next day or so. Hope you're all well!