Thursday, September 25, 2008

And now for news of a happier (and mysterious) nature

In which she gushes on and on about the kitten, proving that she really needs a life.

Kalli has seemed to adjust well to living with us.  Her little face lights up whenever Eddy comes into a room and it is cute to see how she stops whatever she is doing and lunges at him.  Eddy has even started treating her less like a nuisance and more like a little sister.  He is initiating play and was caught licking her head the other night (although he stalked off the minute he realized we saw it).

One of the cutest things I have seen so far is Eddy sitting on top of the office chair, dangling his tail in Kalli's face and twitching it so she keeps leaping at it.  She is quite the leaper.  Last night, she saw Keem's bag handle was hanging down and she leapt at it until she was able to pull the bag down.  She is easily amused and is constantly running around, leaping and somersaulting and causing tons of trouble. 

Even though she is technically Keem's kitten (just like Eddy is technically my cat), she has taken to sleeping with me.  Which, you know, is awesome.  Cuddly kitten who likes to purr in my ear.  Except that's not all she's doing.  Apparently I am her mother figure and she curls herself up into my arm, licking and kneading at it.  And sometimes biting.  I have tiny little scabs all over my right arm from where her tiny little claws are piercing my skin.  Somewhat painful.  I've tried to convince her that this really isn't necessary and then she cries so piteously that I give up. 

Someone asked me about her name today and I said it really depended - There was Kalli, of course.  And Kalypso Jean when she is being annoying.  And Little Miss Trouble.  Calamity Jean when she is whining.  Kalli Monster when she is attacking.  And then some of the others - such as "Shut up for the love of God!" and "Not the toes!" and "Stop it!" and "Kittens do not go into the stove!"

She's almost doubled in size.  I'll have to post more pictures.  It's just amazing how she went from this tiny little grey and white ball of fur and now she is grey and tan and white with black stripes.  Every day there's something different.

In which she talks about the mystery

The other day I came walking up to my desk and couldn't figure out who was sitting in my chair.  There was a person.  But then I realized that the person was green and kind of fuzzy.  Someone left me the gift of a giant frog.  I do not know who.  Keem knows.  Jess knows.  Christy knows.  Half of the center must know.  But I do not.  I sent this email out to the center and not a single person has stepped forward and said "It was me!"  Dang them all.

From:   DM
Sent:   Thursday, September 18, 2008 9:06 AM
To:     Everyone in my center
Subject:        To the anonymous frog gifter

Hi, everybody!

I came in this morning to find a giant frog sitting at my desk, in my chair.  After a brief moment where I thought I had been fired and replaced, I realized that this was a gift from someone.  But who?  Kim Schams knows but won't tell me.  So, because I don't know who to thank, I'm sending this to everyone.

Thank you, anonymous kind person.  The frog (who is now known as Laird) is sitting at the desk next to mine for now. 

Laird (I've thought it was a cool name ever since I once spoke to a guy named Laird that was actually the last Laird of his clan) has his own desk, someone made him a name plate and every day I come in to see another change.  He's got a coffee mug and a seat cushion (both for the Packers though.  I thought it was pretty obvious that Laird is Scottish and wouldn't be a football supporter.  But no one has dropped off a new golf set for him).  He's been set up with his feet up on the desk.  Or he's writing something.  Someone posed him so he looked like he was talking on the phone. 

He's been elected as our mascot.  And shall be the leader of my army when Co-Worker Vicki follows through with her threat to become Supreme Commander of the Universe.  I offered her all of the administrative jobs of running the Universe while everyone worshipped me but she wasn't going for that.  Apparently she's planning on setting up her own army that will consist of clowns throwing worms at me (this is the problem with trusting the people.  They learn your fears and exploit them).  But don't worry, my loyal subjects, I won't let her win.

I'm not sure how I started talking about the kitten and ended up with my imaginary frog/clown war with my newest arch-nemesis.  I guess that's just how I roll.