Thursday, September 04, 2008

Name that Kitten!

Meet Keem's new kitten. We don't know if the kitten is male or female (Quoting Kari - "They think he is a male but they're not 100% sure). We do know that someone abandoned the kitten outside of my sister's boss's house. Kari called me today and asked me if I wanted him. Keem has always wanted a kitten (Eddy is kittenlike but also set in his ways) - especially a fluffy kitten so I called her. After much persuasion on my part (well, not much. Actually more "Keem. Fluffy gray kitten." And she said "I know. Shut up!"

We have to come up with a $300 pet deposit and take him/her to the vet on Friday to make sure there are no nasty diseases to be passed on to Eddy. Kari, Josh and I are going to pick him up tonight and Kari will probably keep him/her for a few days in her breezeway.

But he/she is fluffy. And gray. And quite adorable looking. And also nameless. We are thinking something Greek. Possibly after a Greek God or Goddess. I am kind of leaning towards Ares but that might be because the guy who played Ares on Xena the Warrior Princess was hot. Would it be wrong to name a cat after the God of War? I've been compiling a list of male/female names so we're prepared.

Beth put in a vote for Kurka. It means Chicken in Ukrainian.

Eddy was named after Edmund Gray on All My Children since he was my favorite soap character. I added Fitzgerald as a middle name because The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald is one of my favorite songs. So that's how I came up with Edmund Fitzgerald Orange. New kitten (or TBD as I've taken to thinking of him/her) has to have something good. We are not naming him/her FLUFFY KITTY! (Keem's suggestion when she saw his/her picture)

What do you think?