Thursday, September 11, 2008

Saved by the Paper Napkin

Sheryl from Paper Napkin is awesome because she posted a meme and that made me be able to breathe a sigh of relief that I will be able to post something besides an essay of what my cats have been doing this week. Seriously. I was sitting there thinking "Don't I have anything else to say besides 'Kalli is cute and Eddy is adorable'?" Apparently not. Well, there is the fact that I am seriously starting to think about investing in a suit of armor. Kalli's teeth and claws are very sharp and she likes to use them. We also changed her middle name to Jean so now she is named after Jean Grey from the X-Men. She also has a new nickname - Calamity Jean.

Anyway, here is the meme.

Things I love:

Song you love: I love a ton of music but my absolutely favorite one ever (this week) is "Pieces on the Ground" by The Nadas. Awesome.

Word you love: Besides Awesome? Thwart. I love the way it sounds.

Academic subject you love: Greek Mythology

Hobby you love: Scrapbooking, Blogging

Type of baked good you love: The one thing I can never resist - 7 Layer Bars

Type of sky you love: Blue with big puffy clouds

Beverage you love: Mountain Dew. I am weak.

Vacation you love: I am quite fond of the road trip.

Restaurant you love: Manny's. Mmm. Steak.

Way of getting around that you love: I think I would really enjoy using a Segway. Other than that, it would be in a car with a friend with the tunes blasting and the windows open.

Person you love: Kari

Room in your home (or ideal home) you love: The living room. My shiny computer is there.

Movie you love: The Imposters is my favorite movie of all time.

Book you love: Please. Like I can settle for just one. Anything by Nora Roberts. I read a brilliant one this summer called The Bright Side of Disaster by Katherine Center. Kane and Abel & The Prodigal Daughter by Jeffrey Archer.

City you love: Lisbon

Future plan you love: Moving to Lisbon

Form of communication you love: Email. I'm not fond of talking on the phone.

Junk food you love: Cheez-its. Even better - Cheez-its and Cream Cheese covered with Jalapeno Jelly. Yum.

To do this yourself, just copy and paste into your own blog!

Song you love:
Word you love:
Academic subject you love:
Hobby you love:
Type of baked good you love:
Type of sky you love:
Beverage you love:
Vacation you love:
Restaurant you love:
Way of getting around that you love:
Person you love:
Room in your home (or ideal home) you love:
Movie you love:
Book you love:
City you love:
Future plan you love:
Form of communication you love:
Junk food you love: