Friday, July 07, 2006

A Day In The Life - 4

So I was going to do the Day in the Life today, starting with what happened last night (this morning) at karaoke but we are extremely busy and I haven't had time to keep track of anything except for this:

9:45 AM Reach desk after walking up flight of stairs due to daily trip to Imaging window to see if there are any checks or certificates ready for customer pick up. Reach for inhaler. Take two puffs as needed. Put inhaler away. Start explaining to co-worker Rykken (coolest name ever for a guy) the procedure for calling a shareholder when we have a check or certificate ready for pick up. Realize that two puffs were not enough. Reach for inhaler again. Take two more puffs. Hear lungs protest the act of breathing. Contemplate another puff. Tell lungs that they are weak and you are not going to baby them. They tell you that they don't like you at all and you'll get yours. Call customer. Stop breathing during message left on answering machine. Panic. Start breathing again two seconds later. Listen to lungs give the breathing equivalent of "Nyahnyahnyah." Tell lungs to bite me.

So I'll probably try to do this later because I enjoy the Day in the Life's. If you're interested in reading a couple, you could visit Karin who is not a slacker like myself (well, this month). She is from Canada. And she likes karaoke. So therefore she is cool. And Beth, there are chickens! There is also Sheryl, who started the Day in a Life thing and who continously amazes me with her days in the fact that she a) maintains her sanity and b) is really, really, really funny.

I will bring you some trivia in exchange for the Day in the Life post. That'll be fun. Won't it? Yes. We like trivia.

Number of calls holding right now: 37.
Number of minutes people are holding for: 21:38.
Number of stupid questions I will be asked today: 4,556.
Number of times I have exaggerated in this post: 23 (that might be an exaggeration).
Number of times I was called by a name other than Dana by shareholders during the month of June: 35

Breakdown of said name calling:

Ana: 1 Angie: 1 Anna: 10 Danna: 6 Danielle: 1 Diana: 2 Diane: 1 Dina: 2 Donna: 6 Vanna: 1

And then there is the WTF names. As in how the heck do you get these names from Dana? I kind of understand Anna, Danna and Donna. I don't get Michelle, Sharon, Shirley and Suzanna (one time each). It's Dana. D. A. N. A. Day. Nuh.

Okay. My stupid break is over. Which is just wrong. Oh well. Only 1 1/2 hours to go. And then I am out of here like a bat out of hell (Sheryl mentioned meatloaf and I sang a Meat Loaf song last night so I now have meatloaf/Meat Loaf on the brain).

Like a bat out of hell, I something...something...something.

God, I miss my iTunes.