Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Well, I'm having a great day!

So I went to my mailbox at work today and found that I had an interoffice envelope (also known as Holy Joes (I have no idea why except that they do have holes in them)) waiting for me. I go back to my desk, sit down, start to reach for the envelope.

But it was not to be. A stock holder walked in. I helped him. I go back to my desk. I finish working on the sales request he wanted, figuring I'll get to open the envelope soon. I am wrong.

Another stock holder walks in. This one needs help with transferring. I answer his questions, help him fill out his stock power. He leaves.

Finally I have a moment to myself. I open the envelope. Inside are two cards. Hmm. It's not my birthday. I haven't been promoted lately. What are they for? Who are they from?

And the answer is they are from Beth. The first is a card with a butterfly on the front and the inside says "You bring out everything beautiful in friendship." She wrote "Just a note to say 'hello' to an awesome person! You are wonderful! Love always, Beth"

Awwwww. That's so sweet.

The second one is a card with three women sitting at a table, drinking coffee and talking. The caption is "You know how someone starts telling you a story and then you realize it's gonna take a lot longer than you thought?" And the inside says "I never have to use my fake interested face with you." She added "Chicken! Always, Beth."


Yes, yes, it is sweet but she sneaks that Chicken! in everywhere! At karaoke, while scrapbooking and now sent in a card. She is sneaky!

She's also quite possibly the best friend ever. This is just what I needed. It made me laugh and feel good about myself. Thank you, Beth.

Oh, and here is my fortune and horoscope for the day...interesting.

Daily Fortune

Your fortune for today...
It's time to turn over a new leaf, again.

Pisces By Rick Levine
Even the messiest of circumstances will smooth themselves out, without too much effort on your part. A potential conflict that appeared to be heading toward showdown can be effectively averted. It's not that all your problems will just disappear. More likely, the clouds in the sky will dissipate and you can remember what the sunshine feels like, so enjoy the good times as they come. You'll need to return to the more serious work soon enough.

Hmm. Is someone going to give me lots and lots of money? Because none of the antique shops in the area are interested in what I have to sell.