Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Road Trip!

AKA - The continuing adventures of Beth and Dana

Because no road trip is ever complete without the conversations Beth and I have in the car, I bring you the following:


Right outside of Minnesota, there's a city called Hudson. Outside of Hudson, there is a town called Kinnic Kinnic.

DM: How do you pronounce that?
B: Kinnic Kinnic (Ka-nick Ka-nick).
DM: Kin ick ick kin.
B: No. Kinnic Kinnic.
DM: Kickin Kin-nic?
B: No. Kinnic Kinnic.
DM: Kaneek eek?
B: Kinnic Kinnic.
DM: Ka-nick Ka-nick?
B: Yes.
DM: Kinnic Kinnic. Kinnic Kinnic! Yay (and I clap my hands like the dork that I am)!

I still cannot pronounce the name of this town as fast as Beth does and it takes me awhile to be able to say it. It is very frustrating. I mention this.

B: It's from saying Chicken. All that practice with the "k's."


We are driving along and I see a very old camper trailer that is shaped like a silver bullet.

DM: Ooh. I want one.
B: Why?
DM: It's cute! It's a Land Yacht (name of the company).
B: It is not cute.
DM: Oh c'mon! It's a big, silver death trap!
B: It's cute and a big, silver death trap?
DM: Yeah.
B: It's your personal bomb shelter. Don't leave home without it.


And we pass another camper trailer.

DM: Hee hee hee. It's a kiwi. With sunglasses.

And again I clap my hands.

DM: I'm really a dork, aren't I?
B: Sometimes (using the voice that indicates "All the time. You freak").


Continued driving. I see one of those Darwin fishes being eaten by a Truth fish.

DM: I kind of like that.

Beth gives me an incredulous look. I am a born-again Christian, Beth is Agnostic bordering on Athiest (In my defense, I am not insane and prone to preaching. In fact, nothing ticks me off more than reading/hearing about so-called Christians who decide to use their beliefs to judge others. Because, hello, that defeats the whole part about being a Christian) so we don't always agree on everything.

DM: I like it because I first saw it on it on a car of a woman who also had a rainbow cat. She's a Christian and a lesbian. That's the type of woman I want to bring home to mother.

There is a pause.

DM: Did I just say that?

Another pause.

B: Dana? Are you a lesbian?
DM: Let me check.

I start making the weighing/scale motion with my hands.

DM: Men have penises.
B: Women have cooters.
DM: Yeah. I'm not a lesbian.


We had a great time on the trip. I am sure Beth will have pictures. We took a lot. There's a shock, right?

Must go back to work now. Stupid work.