Monday, August 28, 2006

State Fair Sunday is coming but first a message from my psyche

This has nothing to do with anything but when I pull up my email and receive an email that has a subject line of "Dana, Thou Art Worthy," I am really not expecting the email to be about downloading Christian music ringtones or, and this is really exciting, I can get bible quotes sent directly to my cell phone. Wow! I can't believe it! Actual bible quotes! To my cell phone! Yeah. You know where else I can get bible quotes? From my bible.

But maybe it does have something to with something. Last night/this morning, after Beth dropped me off, I had the freakiest dreams. These are dreams that are odder than anything I've ever had before. I was telling Keem about them this morning and I think I frightened her. I'm not going to go into a lot of detail about it (unless, of course, you comment along the lines of "Wow, Dana, this was a spectacular post but it was really missing the story of your freaky dreams. Would you be willing to post about that later? You're great. Everyone loves you. Men should throw themselves at your feet." Feel free to throw in other types of praise. I like that) but they involved a school that I was in charge of the water elevator (I don't know. It was a flume like thing that you rode down but the water didn't get you wet) and I had an argument with these stupid kids that were trying to water-ski and kayak on the water elevator which is obviously forbidden because, hello, pointy skis can hurt other people and then there was a scary, alien Jesus who was burning people and shouted (when I told him to stop) "Jesus doesn't listen! Jesus burns!" and then the dream switched and I got kicked out of a church because I wanted to read a book (that doesn't exist in real life but damn, I want to read it now), the sequel to "Good Omens" by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett, and the leader of the church was really pissed off at me because I kept arguing with him about his stupid decision so he tried to have me killed and I was rescued by Fast Eddie who is actually a Norse God who is pretending to be a Superhero and I got to join his covert operations and be a Superhero as well and then I went back to the church and took over it. Oh, and Fast Eddie was played by Spike from Buffy and believe me, he is hotter as a Norse God than he ever was as a vampire. And also, this isn't even half of the stuff that happened. It was weird.

Anyway, today was kind of busy. I'm hoping it will slow down tomorrow so I can actually bring you the story of State Fair Sunday.