Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Saved from boredom!

So yesterday I was bored but today, Udge has come to my rescue with a meme. Thank you, Udge, for saving me.

Of course, the saving will last all of two minutes, the most time it takes to write a six word biography, complete with picture.

Crazy woman - very fond of trees

I love this picture. Beth took it last year when we went to Kakabeka Falls. It brings back good memories.

Oh, and who else do you know who could have this conversation? This took place last month when it had snowed and the downhill path to the car was slippery because of evil, evil ice (I hate ice).

DM: Keem. It is icy. I am scared.
Keem: I know it's icy. Be careful.
DM: May I touch Tree?*

*Tree is a tree that is growing on the hill next to the parking lot. He is the 2nd tree from the road. I have no idea why I decided to name him one day or why I decided his name was Tree. I think it happened when I was trying to convince Keem to park by the tree and I probably got excited about it (much like Pink Spot that was in our garage that they eventually painted over. Bastards. I miss Pink Spot). There is also Default Tree when there wasn't a parking spot by Tree.

I used to hug Tree at random times and then Keem decided this was annoying (much of everything I enjoy, Keem has decided is annoying).

Keem: I suppose. Do not hug him!

I slowly sidle up to Tree and press my cheek to his bark.

Keem: I said don't hug him.
DM: That wasn't a hug. I was greeting him.
Keem: Large sigh of frustration.
DM: I'm the only person you could have this conversation with, right?
Keem: Yes. Thank God.