Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Want a cat? I've got one. Free to a good home.

Yes, Eddy's still the most adorable cat in the world. And I love the little brat, even though he is completely and totally Keem addicted. However, Keem was out of town this weekend so I was subjected to constant mrowing.

Eddy's complaints? While I don't speak cat, I'm pretty sure this is what he had to say:

  • You are not Keem.

  • Keem prepares my wet food in a much better manner.

  • Where is my ice water?

  • Where is Keem?

  • Why is Keem not here?

  • You. Person who I vaguely remember as being the one who has cherished me and loved me since I was six weeks old, what is your name again? I miss Keem who I have only known for approximately six years. How old am I anyway?

  • What do you mean you don't know? What kind of mother are you?

  • Did I mention that I missed Keem?

  • Hello! Play with me! I do not care that it is 2 in the morning. I am bored! Entertain me!

Monday night, after recovering from an absolute crappy day (and yes, I do mean that literally because I decided to ignore the fact that onions and I do not get along and had them for breakfast (on a sub. I don't just eat raw onions. I used to. God, I love onions. They are so yummy)), I needed my rest. I did not get rest. Instead, I got 5 pounds of squirming cat that wanted attention.

Now, keep in mind that Eddy, even though he is technically my cat, does not pay attention to me unless Keem is out of town. Then I, as his default person, become worthy of his notice.

He went a little overboard on Monday, though.

Every freaking 2 hours, he was on my bed. Looking at me. Or brushing up against me. Or walking all over me. And when I would wake up, I could actually see his little cat brain working.

This is what I swear to God he was saying.

"Oh! You're awake? What a happy coincidence! I'm awake as well! This is the perfect opportunity for you to play with me! Isn't it wonderful how that worked out?"

Fortunately Keem came home yesterday. However, I still was visited by Eddy last night. Only once. Luckily for him.

Also, want to see what my new glasses are going to look like? I love them. Patti, I was not able to find pink science nerd glasses which would have been awesome but I think these are pretty cool.

Here's the thing that scares me a little. This is who made the glasses.

Yes. You read that right. I am going to be wearing Hilary Duff glasses. Good Lord.