Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Karaoke Revisited

Both Beth and I keep small notebooks in our purses so that we can keep track of what we refer to as blogging material. We will jot down ideas about future posts, conversations that might take place and, of course, our karaoke song lists. We used to, like many karaoke participants, write down our song choices on a little piece of paper and turn it in to the karaoke host (this would be Bryan. Some will also refer to him as a karaoke jockey or “KJ”)). However, as a dedicated tree hugger, I frown upon the wasting of paper and decided to save a tree and write my list down (it has been pointed out to me that using a notebook also requires the use of paper. I believe I responded with “Shut up.” I am known for my logical and well thought out arguments). After awhile, we were pleased to see Amy and Angie take to carrying notebooks around as well. Beth also keeps a list of songs for Bryan so, when he asks what he should sing, we have a list for him to choose from (Candy Man is on this list but he rejects my requests for him to sing this. However, my plan is that I’ll get all of you to travel to the Chalet and ask for him to perform the song. It’s hilarious. Quite possibly the best Sammy Davis JR imitation ever. He also does a great Bono impression).

Anyway, I had a point to this. I’ve been having some problems with my notebook (the stupid spiral thing was breaking and it was very irritating) so I was excited to find a notebook I purchased quite some time ago. While looking through the notebook, I found the following post, one that I had never published. And, while clearing out the annoying notebook, I came across some things that Beth and I had written down more recently but that also had never been posted.

So here goes. This is the first post. You might notice a couple of things that make it obvious how long ago this was written.


I have a thing for texture. Beth thinks I should do a list of all the things that I have a thing for. That would be an awfully long list but here’s a few things:

1. Bobby’s hands (I’m trying to establish a footnote system and it’s not working out so I’ll just put a number in front of the specific points I am making).


2. Diet Coke (someday, when I am a little braver, I will blog about a dream I had involving Diet Coke and you will all be amazed at how damn sexy a beverage can be (I actually did post this. It’s here)).**

Men that shave their heads or have crew cuts.

Rubbing my hand over the head of a man who has a very short crew cut (this falls under the texture category).

Very soft leather (again with the texture).

3. Matt has an extremely soft black leather coat. It is very hard for me to keep from stroking it when ever he sits next to me at karaoke (he leaves it on the back of his chair). The Sunday before last, Matt came in, left his coat on his chair and leaned over to ask a question. I, however, was distracted by his coat and didn’t hear him. As I was stroking it, I said “Soft. Pretty.”

Matt started laughing. “Dana,” he said. “When someone asks you how you are, you may not want to reply ‘Soft. Pretty.’”

“Oh! Is that what you said? Oops!”

I just said to Beth that I didn’t know how to end this. Her response was “We’re caught in a trap we can’t get out. Because I love you too much, Baby.”*

Works for me.

*Michael was singing Suspicious Minds at the time.

Okay. So let’s look at this. One, while I did have a thing for Bobby’s hands, that was quite some time ago. I had a bit of a crush on Bobby. Long over. Which is a good thing, considering that he’s married and has a small child now.

Two, I’m not drinking Diet Coke at karaoke any more. I started drinking water probably over a year ago.

Three, Beth and I haven’t seen Matt (this is the Matt that used to comment on our blogs all the time and called Beth his little sister, not Matt who works at the theater with James and comes up to karaoke every once in awhile) in what? Well over a year? The last time we saw him was shortly after we got back to Portugal. And then he vanished off the face of the Earth. He joined a cult or was kidnapped by aliens or something like that.

I've found some more recent notes but I'm going to put them into a separate post. No point in overwhelming everyone. Hope you're all having a good week.