Thursday, November 02, 2006

Happy NoBloPoMo

Sheryl at Paper Napkin has come up with the most awesome parody of a song ever and has written new lyrics to encourage us all to post daily during this month of November. You have got to read this.

And yes, I am passing this off as a post for today. It's been kind of busy and I didn't have time to write on my lunch.

Here, this will tide you over for a little bit.

I'm training a new representative so I'm listening to her calls.

Emily: Thanks for calling, Lenny.

She disconnects the phone.

E: Oh my GOD! His name is not Lenny. It's George (actually I think it was Jimmy but this is more fun).

Another call:

Stock Holder: Can I sell my certificates with you?
E (off of my cue): No, you would need to take them to a broker.
SH: Okay. What about my investment shares.
E (off of my look of horror): May I place you on hold for a minute?
DM: Crap! He can sell the certs through us.
E (back to stock holder): I'm sorry, sir, yes, you can sell your certificates through us.

She finishes the call.

DM: Well. That went great. No, yes, I mean maybe, Yes. I'm such a wonderful peer coach.
E: Well, at least he had a great sense of humor.
DM: There is that. And you didn't call him Lenny so that's good.