Monday, November 06, 2006

NoBoPoMo or whatever you call it

Yeah, the problem about this posting daily? I don't have a computer at home. Amazing how I managed to forget that.

Anyway, had a good weekend. Keem and I went to our company party, that was lots of fun. It was held in this old building near our work that's been renovated and turned into a bar and restaurant. The food was fantastic and there was a hot bartender who actually dug through the trash to get me wine corks*. How can you not love that in a man?

*I collect wine corks because I am going to be making cork boards. It was not a random gesture on his part. But really, what could say "I adore you, strange but somewhat cute woman, let me dig through the trash for you" than him digging through the trash? After all, I stole a knife for James as a sign of my devotion.

We got our pictures taken when we first walked in and there was a nice surprise attached, well, actually two. One was that I looked fairly decent in the picture. Before you tell me to shut up, I am not photogenic. I know that. Yes, okay, I have some pictures that turn out okay but it isn't normal. The second surprise was that we received new frames with NABABNA inscribed on the bottom. Very nice looking.

Also, there was 3 seperate caricaturists and Keem and I decided to get one done of us, something to hang in the new apartment. After making sure that the caricaturist was aware that Keem and I are just roommates (many people assume otherwise and, after seeing the drawing she had done previously, I didn't want a bunch of hearts all over our picture), we settled in for the modeling phase. The picture was great. She drew us both as playboy bunnies and I'm giving Keem bunny ears. As Keem says "This is the best weight loss program ever! Look how skinny we are!"

Sunday I went to karaoke with Beth. Always fun. It has been slow for a few weeks so Beth and I came prepared, bringing some pictures along to plan scrapbook pages for. I actually planned 5 pages in about an hour, so much quicker than my usual staring at the page in despair, trying to figure out what I'm going to do. Beth is brilliant. She's the one that came up with the planning your pages and I am really going to enjoy this. We also spent time speaking to Nicki about religion and politics (set off by some woman deciding that she needed to "save" Bryan. Said same woman kissed both Beth and I when introduced to us and actually screamed when Bryan started playing this song she wanted. Screamed. Like a little girl. Good Lord) and moved on to really bad pick-up lines.

Around 1 AM, Dean, Liz, James and some guy named Doug (?) came up. We had fun talking to them and ended up staying at the Chalet much later than usual. The only song sung the entire night was by Dean. It was that slow. But fun. Fun is always good.

Hope you all had a great weekend.