Monday, November 13, 2006

Randomness, Thy Name is Dana

Hi. I have ten minutes to tell you about absolutely nothing. Why? Because I feel like it. It is fun to share my minutiae with others. It makes me feel important. Like using the word minutiae. Yes, here at Green Duckies and Other Tales of Dana, we're all about the lording it over others and making them feel like crap. Oh, wait, no, that's not me. That's someone else that works here at NABABNA and just received a promotion. She irritates me. Not because she received the promotion, mind you, because I didn't apply but just because she does. See? Random.

My shoulders and arms hurt. I feel as though I spent the last few days wrestling with someone (preferably someone who happens to be shiny and a former wrestler turned actor. No, I am not referring to Jesse Ventura (although I will admit to being somewhat attracted to him at one time). I am referring to my beloved The Rock) but unfortunately that is not the case. I am not sure why I am sore. Oh, wait, I'm moving. That could be it.

I have just used the term oh, wait twice in the same post. That is so wrong. Not wrong enough for me to actually change it but I want you to all know I am aware of this.

Did you know that Portugal is the main source of cork in the world? Did you also know that I miss Johnny? Speaking of cork, I bought a cork board the other day and it was thwarting me this morning while I was trying to hang it up on my wall and I was frustrated and may have possibly made sounds of frustration and turned to co-worker John and Rykken for symphathy. Did I get symphathy? No. I did not. Instead I received mocking. Mocking! I know. I am also very shocked.

DM: ARGH! My cork board is thwarting me.
Co-worker John: Ah (this is usually what he says when he is not sure how to respond to my oddness. He says "Ah" a lot).
Co-worker Rykken: Just how exactly is a cork board thwarting you (perhaps that doesn't sound all that bad to you but you should be aware that co-worker Rykken had the smile on his face. You know the smile. That mocking smile)?

I was able to triumph over the cork board eventually. It involved much ARGHing and the occasional poking of myself with a T-pin while co-worker John made soothing noises. Co-worker John did recently have a small child so he's very good at the soothing noises.

Keem and I went and saw two movies on Saturday - Flushed Away (very cute, recommend to both adults and children, the singing slugs are just the icing on the cake that this movie is) and The Santa Clause, the Escape Clause (which was cute, considering that I've seen all 3 movies but also not the most exciting movie ever, if you have to choose, go to Flushed Away. Right now. But not before leaving a comment).

Beth and I went to karaoke last night AND we actually sang. I know! I was shocked as well. It's been very slow on Sunday nights and last week we actually scrapbooked. We did again last night, for a little bit and, as Beth said, we have now managed to combine our two favorite activities. Then these two guys showed up. John and his nephew Corey. They sat through us and, since the rotation consisted of the four of us (with special guest appearances by Christina and some guy named Kurt or Kirk), I spent some time talking to the both of them. John is from California and was visiting Minnesota to deer hunt (poor baby deers! Run, baby deers, run! Preferrably not into traffic) and sing karaoke (although I'm not sure that was listed on his itinerary), Corey apparently lives in the area. They are both incredibly goofy, John more so, and it was a lot of fun watching them. There was a weird moment or two when John decided to sing "Hello, It's Me" directly to Liz for a little bit and then when he told Beth, Liz, James and myself to "Love one another. Take care of one another. That's the bottom line." Um, okay. As Beth put it, he's one of those drunks.

Well, that's it. Thank you for reading and I'll probably catch up on blogs tomorrow. Very busy today. Stupid Mondays. Stupid 7 AM (new hours).