Friday, November 14, 2008 rocks!

Okay, so I have talked about this before. I love this website. I can't help it. It is just so damn awesome.

I am signed up to receive the wailing list at work and so today, Christy overheard me laughing.

Christy: What's so funny?
DM: Hee! New Demotivator.
Christy: Forward it to me.

I do so.

Christy: Oh, Dana. You and your Demotivators.
DM: Yeah, but it is awesome and you know it.
Christy: Yes, it is.

This was the new Demotivator:


God, I love them. And the funny thing is I checked out Melissa's site today and she had posted the same thing. Great minds work alike.

And now I have the stupid "Love is in the air" song stuck in my head. Grr.

Speaking of romance and its quirks - did anyone watch Grey's Anatomy last night? While I'm thrilled that Denny's real (apparently) and back (apparently), is anyone else completely confused? The man is dead. How can Izzie be kissing him? Does that mean she's nuts?