Monday, November 03, 2008

Yet another reason why I have some of the most awesome co-workers in the world

So I was updating our Internal Library today and was getting more and more depressed at the state of our economy. Two of our clients have suspended paying dividends, one is filing for bankruptcy and another one is rumored to be going bankrupt.

I asked Co-Worker Rykken if I could vent and he agreed. I pointed out the Internal Library alerts and bemoaned how bad things are. He reminded me tomorrow was the beginning of the change and that did help but I wasn't completely convinced.

I went back to the Internal Library inbox and found this email from him:

From: Co-Worker Rykken
Sent: Monday, November 03, 2008 1:44 PM
To: Internal Library Inbox

Happy Funtime Company announced that sales are at an all time high. CEO Jerry Smiles said the future of Happy Funtime looks positive, "The future is so bright you will need to wear shades." Coincidently, Sunglass Hut sales are up 2%. Sales of Cory Hart's CDs are still rock bottom.

This made me laugh (of course) and Co-Workers Jessica and Christy asked me what was so funny. I forwarded the email to them.

Christy: Who is Corey Hart?
DM: Groan (she's really young). "I wear my sunglasses at night so I can…so I can…"
Rykken: Oh. That means I was wrong. I meant the other song, the future's so bright one

Being me and knowing that this will drive me crazy if I don't figure out who sang the song, I Googled it.

DM: It's Timbuk 3
Christy: Well, that's an interesting name.
Rykken: Might explain why they don't have a lot of popular songs

That led to a discussion of 80's movies (started because I remember the Timbuk 3 song being in Kuffs and Rykken thinks it is in The Secret of My Success) and Rykken's trying to remember Michael J. Fox's name led to the discussion about how awesome the Back to the Future movies are (Keem and I had a mini marathon Saturday night (they were playing in order on Encore. I love cable)). And now my mood is better. I love my job.

I've also been typing November 4th, 2008 on everything today. I may just be a little eager for tomorrow.