Friday, November 07, 2008

This post brought to you by Hasbro

Last month, Beth turned 30. She had a party at her house which we referred to as the milestone party. After all, so far this year she has bought a house, graduated from college and turned 30.

I spent the weekend so we could scrapbook and we had a lot of fun. Saturday, the night of the party, Beth and her mom ran up to Target so they could buy Catch Phrase. We had some time to kill and Beth had been telling me about the game so I wanted to try it.

Have you played this game? Seriously fun. The whole point is to get people to guess your catch phrase but you can't say the word/phrase, something that rhymes or "It starts with this letter."

The party was low key and that was cool with us. We sat outside by the fire (her mom and Scott (her mom's boyfriend) brought over their fire pit) and told stories and laughed. Her mom cooked so there was sloppy joes, macaroni salad, cupcakes, the best chocolate chip cookies in the history of the world (Laurie is an excellent cook).

After every one left, Beth and I sat in the living room and played Catch Phrase. I can't remember everything but there was this one clue I gave her.

"It's yellow and it is my favorite weed and you can make a wish." Beth correctly guessed Dandelion.

A little bit later, Beth gave me the clue "They swim."

I shouted out "Dandelions!"

Yeah, that so wasn't the right thing. Beth gave me the "You are a freak" look. I told her I had actually meant tadpoles. You know because they're so similar to dandelions. Of course I got them mixed up.

Another thing that happened that weekend was on Friday, Beth made a pot roast for Laurie and I. I was sitting by her refridgerator where she has these magnetic bars (you can hang knives on them but eventually she's going to use them to hang pictures). Beth turns around and sees me holding one of the bars to my head.

Well, obviously I need to come up with something logical to say. She's got the "You are a freak" look (one I am so very familiar with) on her face.

DM: I'm trying to see if my head is magnetic. It's not.

Beth turns to her mother.

Beth: In case you were wondering, Dana's head is not magnetic.
Laurie: I better write that down. I might forget that.

I am mocked constantly. I don't understand.

Anyway, the whole point to this is I had fun celebrating Beth's milestones with her and Catch Phrase is an absolutely awesome game. I think part of the fun is the odd answers people come up with.