Monday, July 11, 2005

Tick me off

So I did this whole post today and I don't know what it happened to it. I'm so mad. Mad, mad, mad.

It was brilliant and wonderful and you would have wept with tears of laughter. Believe me.

But it's gone now and I don't really remember what I wrote and I didn't save it in Word because I am an idiot. Sob.

Maybe I'll try it again tomorrow.

Oh, last night, there was alcohol. 4 glasses of Barcardi Limon and Diet Coke with lemons. And I, for some odd reason (oh, yeah, because I was drunk) decided to tell Liz about Gil. I not only revealed his secret identity but I also told her that my code name for him is Gil and that it means guy I like. She thinks I'm insane.

Anyway, mainly my drunkness led to me babbling a little bit and smiling a lot and saying "Hi" at random moments and wanting to lick people. Hmm. How is this different from me usually? I'm not sure. Although I do remember feeling warm and fuzzy.