Thursday, September 08, 2005

Gimme Some Lovin'

I started watching Rockstar: INXS because of Jordis Unga and the fact that I "knew" her (of her is more like it, the closest I've come to her is sitting about two feet away as she brought the house down at the Chalet by singing "Georgia"). I did not expect to like the show, mainly because I expected it to be similar to American Idol and, although I don't mind pop music, Simon Cowell annoys the heck out of me.

I was pleasantly surprised. First of all, Rockstar: INXS did not show you the people that applied before, the best and the worst. You started out with a group of people, all extremely talented, and watched them grow as musicians. I started out rooting for Jordis but I quickly became fond of both Mig and Marty as well.

Bryan, Liz and I have enjoyed having a conversation or two (or multiple) about the show - how people were doing, how much we can't stand JD Fortune (that was mainly me) and who we thought would win.

Last night, I watched Jordis get eliminated. I have mixed feelings about this. She is a fantastic performer and I agree with Dave Navarro when he said a few weeks ago that he was witnessing a star being born. Jordis will go far as a singer, I have no doubt about that. Was she right for INXS? I don't know. I think she would have been fabulous fronting for them but I don't know that it would have been the right move for her. So, while I'm sad I'm not going to be watching her every Tuesday night, I think this has been a good opportunity for her to show off her style.

As for Mig and Marty, I think I want Mig to win and Marty to...well, I really want Marty to come to Minnesota and marry me (sigh. The man reminds me of a young Tom Petty. He's pretty damn hot) but barring that, a fantastic career would be nice. I am avidly waiting for his first original single, Trees, to be released NOW.

Anyway, in honor of Jordis, I chose the title from the song she sang during Week 3, it is a great song and I'm fond of it. Besides, right now, it's time for the fans of Jordis to give her some lovin'. I know I will be following her career and rooting her on. Her blog, if you are interested in reading it and leaving her a comment, is located here.

Gimme Some Lovin' - The Spencer Davis Group

Well my temperature is rising got my feet on the floor
Crazy people rocking 'cause they want to go more
Let me in baby I don't know what you got
But you better take it easy 'cause this place is hot
And I'm so glad you made it, so glad you made it
You got to gimme some lovin', gimme gimme some lovin'

Well I feel so good, everybody's getting high
You better take it easy 'cause the place is on fire
Been a hard day and I don't know what to do
Wait a minute Baby, this could happen to you

Well I feel so good, everybody's getting high
You better take it easy 'cause the place is on fire
Been a hard day nothing went too good
Now we're gonna relax just like everybody should.