Friday, September 23, 2005

Stumbling Through The Dark

Found through frog - it is a Fall meme that jo(e) created.

Favorite Fall dessert: Apple pie with Cinnamon ice cream

Holiday: Halloween

Best Fall memory: Going to karaoke as the Queen of the Universe last Halloween

Worst Fall memory: The day after the Halloween blizzard of 19 something or another, getting stuck in 3 snow drifts on the way to work & having to dig out the car with a flimsy shovel & wearing loafers & my feet were freezing by the end of the drive.

Most puzzling Fall memory: Why anyone would want to ruin Halloween by putting razor blades in apples or poison in candy? Not that this ever happened to me but I remember Mom & Dad having to go through our treat bags. And why did the “suspect” candy always end up being Dad’s favorite?

Best thing about Fall walks: The crunch of fallen leaves underneath your feet.

Favorite Fall chore: Raking (for being able to jump in leaf piles)

Least favorite Fall chore: Raking (blisters are not our friends)

Best change in the home: Decorating

Favorite flower: Daffodils (it didn’t specifically say Fall flower)

Best tree in the Fall: Huge oak trees that turn orange and red and yellow.

Fall ritual: The determination of the best costume for Halloween (well, best meaning what I think of two days before the day in question).

Most frustrating thing about Fall: The realization that Christmas is fast approaching. I like Christmas, don’t get me wrong. I do not like Christmas shopping.

Favorite childhood game: Creating plays and making the neighborhood kids put them on with me.

Favorite childhood memory: Riding my bike down the hill, no hands.

Favorite decorations: Um, I’m not so good at the whole decoration thing. I always mean to buy little gourds and put them out but I never do. We live in an apartment building so there’s no point in carving pumpkins.

Favorite clothing: Tank tops, capris. I’m sad I’m not going to be able to wear them much longer. I like t-shirts and jeans mainly but occasionally I do like to dress up. I love to wear skirts in the Fall. No idea why.

Best scenery: I would have to say that Duluth is gorgeous in the Fall. One of our road trips was up there to take pictures to scrapbook. I am also going to enjoy taking pictures at some of the places that Keem and I went to this summer.

Best Fall travel tip: If you’re going to go to Duluth and stand by Lake Superior, a t-shirt and jeans are not warm enough!

Favorite drink: Hot chocolate with mini marshmallows or with butterscotch schnapps (yum).

Best method of transportation: I particularly like driving my non-existant El Camino in my mind.

Traditional Fall candy: I don’t have a particular favorite Fall candy unless you take into consideration that I hate candy corn.

Favorite sound: Eddy purring, Bryan singing, Gil’s laugh.

Best for Fall sex: Um. I don’t remember that far back.

Fall song: I have no clue.

Reliable prediction: I will continue to be a complete dork when talking to Gil.

Best Fall television show: CSI:

So the title comes from the fact that this is a Fall meme and falling and stumbling are very close and then the days start getting shorter in the Fall and it is darker. Okay, I like the song and I had to come up with an excuse to use it.

Stumbling Through The Dark - The Jayhawks

You're so in love little girl
So much in love little girl
Running around in circles, why?
You know it's a crime

No less no more than a rose
No less no more than a rose
Try to attach a meaning
To words that you've heard

Stumbling through the dark
Seems I'm stumbling through the dark
Eveybody's stumbling through the dark

The men who proceeded us here
Left only questions and fears
The vanity formed by beauty lies
You know it's a crime

Stumbling through the dark
Seems I'm stumbling through the dark
Everybody's stumbling through the dark