Tuesday, September 27, 2005

It's the best birthday ever!

Today is Keem's birthday. Everyone, please wish Keem a happy birthday. Perhaps that will encourage her to start blogging again. Probably not, because she is evil and stubborn, but it is worth a shot.

For those of you not in the know, Keem is my roommate and one of the best friends ever. She is very cool and I adore her. I am at work on my categories and one of them is about Keem. And there will be fun stuff that you can go and read. And then you will say "Keem! Why do you not blog? You are so cool!" To give you an idea of how absolutely hilarious she is, I will provide you with an informal post that she wrote about me. Apparently, while I think I am the most charming person in the world and everything I say is gold, sometimes I can get a little annoying. Or so she says. I don't understand how that is possible at all.

This is what Keem wrote (my words are in italics):

It's now time for the post called "Bye bye $99."

The lost tales of Dana and her checkbook. Lost as in "I have no idea where the $99 went." Hee hee.

Perhaps this should be a daily journal of the trials and tribulations of balancing a checkbook. However, one must actually keep an active ledger for this to work.

Dana's daily affirmations.

  1. I will keep a ledger and balance my account today (Balance schmalance).
  2. I am aware that they are testing the fire alarms in my apartment so I will not be alarmed (Argh!!!!!!!).
  3. I may be sick, however I am not dying. The prognosis is excellent (I don't deal with illness well. My favorite thing to say to Keem is "Keem. I am sick. I think I am dying).
  4. I will not bug Keem by constantly speaking of a certain name not to be mentioned here (In other words, that would be Gil. As in "Keem? I like Gil." Another one of my favorite things to say to her. She refers to Gil as the evil name).

She didn't mention it but I'm sure she would also indicate that I no longer be able to hug trees. You know I still will though. It is fun.

Today we walked out of the building into the parking ramp and I saw the most beautiful car ever. It was a black and silver El Camino.

This is Keem's and my conversation:

DM: Keem! Keem! Look! It is an El Camino!
K: Yes, Dana. I see the El Camino.
DM: It is a birthday present for you!
K: Yes. That’s right. Ooh. What a present (She may have been sarcastic. I’m not sure).
DM: Can I go pet it?
K: No! Cars are not for petting.
DM: Fine (Sulking. For all of two seconds). There was an El Camino sighting and we are going to see Serenity tonight! It is the best birthday ever!
K: You are such a dork.

Anyway, Keem and I are going to the premiere of Serenity tonight at the theater that James manages. It will be very fun AND exciting.

I am now going to email this to Keem so that she may call me a dork yet again. I know how much she enjoys that. I am such a good friend.