Tuesday, April 18, 2006

It's over and other news

1. Today is April 18th. What is so special about April 18th, you ask? Great question. It is the day after April 17th which is officially the last day of tax season. And all I can say about this is thank God. We hit a record number of calls here in my little office at NABABNA Stock Owner Services. The biggest complaint that we've received this year was that we obviously don't have enough people working here and why don't we hire some more people? Well, we took over 5,000 calls one week. If you figure the average person takes about 60 calls a day, we'd have to have 83 people working here. Our office would burst at the seams if that was to happen.

So right now, there are 4 people holding. Four. Not 44, not 75, not 100. I may do a happy dance (but if I do, that will curse us and then everyone and their brother will decide to call and then I will cry. So I won't). This means I can blog more. This means I can surf the Internet more. This means I will get yelled at for surfing too much. Fortunately, I've also started working on cross stitch again and that will keep me somewhat busy.

2. Also, today I moved up to the counter. If people walk into our office and want help, I'm one of the people that they will talk to. This is a big deal here even though there isn't a raise involved with it. The majority of the people who have worked at the counter in the past have been promoted and the knowledge they gained at the counter is partly responsible for it. You learn a lot apparently. I'm looking forward to it.

It took me 2 hours to move everything from one desk to another. I've had two people remind me that I have to keep my desk clean now. One of them was Keem so I'm used to her reminding me of things. The other one kind of irritates me but I didn't hit her when she said it. I figured that would not make a good impression now that I have all this new responsibility.

The only thing that may bother me about this is that I take my lunch at my desk so I can blog. This guy kept staring at me while I was eating. It was weird.

But! I just found out I get business cards. That is so dang cool.

3. Karaoke was very fun on Sunday, of course. There were a few new people singing, some woman named Lindsey and another woman and her father. They went up to sing a duet and I was worried for a minute that it was going to be Picture. After all, there was an evening where some guy sang Paradise By the Dashboard Light with his mother. Fortunately we were not subjected to icky images when they chose to sing Song Sung Blue (or something else that I don't remember because it was horrible and I think my ears bled a little (which is really mean of me to say but I can't help it. I did applaud, of course, the rules of karaoke require it)).

And then, suddenly, all the other singers left and it was Beth, Angie, Bryan and myself. The bar became emptier and emptier and we started amusing ourselves by going through some mystery discs on the karaoke machine. If we recognized the song, we had to sing it. I ended up singing How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You. Which wasn't bad and I would probably try it again, if I knew what the number was for it.

Liz and James were there and, as the evening went on, more and more people left. It got to the point where the bar was almost completely empty. Earlier during the evening, Beth had been talking about a South Park episode where Cartman wanted a Platinum album and decided to sing a bunch of songs but substitute the word Jesus for Baby. I am ashamed to say that we tried this. We are horrible, horrible people and are probably going to go to Hell but it was amusing. We also figured you could substitute the word Crack for Love but didn't try any songs like that.

4. On Thursday, Beth and I are going to go to the restaurant where Liz works. It's called Tiburon and I'm excited about it. Beth has the night off so we're going to go there and then maybe shopping (or the other way around) and then to karaoke. So I'll be very, very tired on Friday since I won't have time to take a nap. Mountain Dew is our friend in these situations.

I think that's it. Except that my right hand is peeling and I think I might have leprosy. The last time it happened, I tried anti-bacterial stuff (Purell) and it cleared up. But now it is back again and I am irritated because using lotion or Purell is not working now. Dang it.

How are y'all doing? I'm not sure where the y'all came from except that I've been thinking about Nancy a lot lately and it must because of that. I've also been thinking of Johnny as well so I will sign off by saying: