Friday, April 14, 2006

Priceless continued

Okay. It is time for the continuing adventures of Beth and Dana at karaoke. Here is the link to the first part of the evening with the exciting NASCAR limo.

Liz and James joined us later in the evening. James sat next to me (emit romantic and mushy sigh here) and I asked him to help me choose a song from my page. He suggested I sing "Morning Train" by Sheena Easton. I have sung this song before at Wild Tyme and I knew that I would suck in so many ways but I am also completely and totally in like with this guy and will usually concede to any song he selects. This is how I got suckered into singing A-ha's "Take On Me," quite possibly the hardest song in the book. Behold the power of James.

I have a tendency to sit at an angle, with my legs somewhat akimbo. Do not ask me to sit ladylike because it will not happen. So, when James sat next to me, he was very close to me and our legs were touching. It was a strangely intimate feeling, having that connection without anyone else being aware of what was going on. If I moved my leg, his would move until we were touching again. Which was helpful because otherwise I would obsess about the fact that I was touching him and maybe he didn't want me to touch him but he was too nice to do anything about it.

Towards the end of the evening, I, being blatant in my like, offered to buy him a beer. He said he was having a bad day and said yes. He then told us about a problem he was having with someone and Liz offered to go run this person over for $5,000. I said I would go take care of them for free. But Liz said I should at least make sure my expenses were paid for. After all, this person lives out of state and where would I stay? How would I get there? In the end, we established that Liz run this person over by accident and then I would visit the hospital where they were staying and smother them with a pillow. Beth would drive the getaway car. I think we even said we might scrapbook the road trip.*

*We're not really violent people. I'm not going to smother anyone (well, unless they continue to tick off James and then they will have to watch out).

When we were leaving, he was standing by the karaoke area (okay, quick visual (and keep in mind that one of the reasons I'm not a world famous author is because I can't describe things), there is the stage and then there is the karaoke machine and then there is this long counter like thing where the books are kept and the newest copy of City Pages and people stand there when they want to talk to Bryan, he was standing at the beginning of the counter like thing) and I walked up to him. And then he hugged me.

Do you have any idea what it is like when something like this happens? When the person that you have admired and adored and respected forever shows you affection? The 30 seconds that he hugged me seemed to last much longer and I just pressed my cheek to his chest (he is very tall) and didn't want to ever let go. I was also somewhat in shock because I couldn't believe this was happening.

He said goodbye and walked out the door. Beth must have somehow led me to the car because I don't remember much other than the floaty feeling of that comes from walking on air or having extremely comfortable shoes. When we were in the car and no longer in ear shot, we had the following conversation:

DM: Oh my God.
Beth: I know.
DM: Oh my GOD!
Beth: I know.
DM: He hugged me.
Beth: He can still see us. We need to get to the highway before you do the happy dance.
DM: Okay. He hugged me.

Last night, I went to karaoke again. I had the security guard in my building call me a cab at about 11:15 PM. At 12:10 PM, I called the cab company to find out what was going on. I was told that there was a concert and they were trying to get a cab out to me as soon as possible. I called Beth at about 12:15 PM and told her that, if the cab didn't get there in the next fifteen minutes, I was going back to bed. Two minutes later, the cab pulled up. Twice I have called her to tell her this and each time the cab pulls up in a few minutes. Apparently I should threaten this more often, maybe I'd have less of a wait.

My cab driver was Bad Brad, he has driven me to the Chalet before and somewhere I have a post about the last time he was my cab driver. As God as my witness, I will never go without organized categories again (once it slows down, I'm going to start organizing again so I can find the posts that I want. Beth is so organized that I am envious). Anyway, Brad is a freak. As evidenced by the fact that he goes by Bad Brad. I had asked about the concert and was told it was Kid Rock. I waited because of Kid Rock. This does not please me. Kid Rock is partially responsible for that stupid Picture song. This leads us to talking about other concerts and then I get to hear about how he did hashish at a Golden Earring concert in Germany. Wow. That's just so very exciting. I do not care.

Finally we are at the Chalet and I have escaped his oddness. I go into the bar and am greeted by Beth, Steve (her team lead) and Katie (Steve's roommate). We all exchange greetings and talk about stuff. It is very fun. We are sitting at a table with some people that I don't know and we slowly began to take over the table as our group of friends became larger and larger.

Aaron and James came in later (but Aaron might have been there earlier) and I told them about the t-shirt a friend of Matt's (my boss) had seen. It says "I'm not a full-blooded Jew. I'm Jew'ish'." They thought it was funny - Aaron's grandfather is Jewish and the shirt reminded me of the night we drove Creepy Tall Guy out of the Chalet. Aaron kissed me on the cheek which was odd but I think he was somewhat intoxicated.

When we started adding chairs to the table so that James and Aaron could join us, it was funny when Steve came back to the table, saw where his drink was (next to me) and automatically picked up the glass and moved so he was sitting next to Beth. I have such great friends, willing to manipulate the seating arrangements so I can get my James fix.

While there wasn't the constant touching of the legs (Yesterday Jodi asked me "Are you going to go rub legs again tonight, Dana?"), there was still the high I get from whenever I sit next to him. He had said something to me (which I have completely forgotten what it was now) and I asked him "Why do I talk to you?" His response was "I don't know. Because I'm cute and funny?" Which I had to agree with.

I told him about the crazy lady from the other day and then we started talking about Crash, music, movies, money, what is he going to do when the theater he works for closes, and Lost (of course) with Beth. It was a great evening, made even better by his presence (I am so hooked).

When he was leaving, he put his hand on my shoulder and then slowly moved it across the back of my neck. I got goosebumps. He will be there on Sunday. I cannot wait.

God, I just want to lick him.