Saturday, April 15, 2006

Week something or another

Is it week 8? I have no clue.

Keem and I returned to Weight Watchers today. We haven't been for a couple of weeks because she went home to LaCrosse last weekend and the weekend before we were being lazy (at least I think that's why we didn't go). She was pretty convinced that we had gained weight but I was fairly certain that we hadn't. Guess who was right? Guess?

Yes, that would be me.

I have been noticing little differences lately - my clothes aren't as tight, I get fuller faster, I have a bit more energy. I actually bought a size 3X shirt from K-Mart and it fit. This is actually a big deal when you consider I normally have to buy shirts at Catherine's or Woman's World. When I walk, I get glimpses of my feet. I haven't seen my feet in years (well, I have but I think you know what I mean - my stomach is too big and I can't see my feet when I look down). So this is good.

Anyway, as you can see from the lovely ticker in this post, I am down 15 pounds. I lost 4 pounds in the last two weeks. I love being me. I'm going to start putting the tickers in the posts themselves because it is a pain to update and if I forget, it's no biggie.

After Weight Watchers, Keem and I celebrated our loss by going to Don Pablo's. First we went to SA (Super America for those of you who don't live in Minnesota) so I could pump gas. Gosh, that was fun and exciting. I ran into one of the women from the meeting there and we had a talk about how she also allows herself anything she wants on the days of the meeting. It gets you through the week if you think - hey, on Saturday I can go to Don Pablo's or Fuddruckers or something fun like that. But the thing is, even if I do eat out now, I usually end up taking most of the food home or throwing it away - unless it is Sunday and I didn't eat yet that day and ended up devouring the incredibly yummy patty melt from the Chalet.

We then spent a few hours driving around looking for garage sales (found two but they looked kind of scary so we didn't stop) and looking at houses in the Snelling Avenue area - there were some houses for sale so if anyone wants to buy me an old Victorian with a tower, I'm all for it. Think of it as a reward for my weight loss. Okay? Yeah, I didn't think so. Had to try though.

It is late and I should go to bed because I have to do laundry tomorrow morning and then take a nap and then I get to go to karaoke (yay! Karaoke!) with Beth and Char. But I think I'm going to read another Veronica Mars transcript while I wait for some pictures to load to Snapfish.

Hope you're having a great weekend.