Friday, May 25, 2007

Another Interview Meme - this one from Diana

I have managed to come up with questions for Patti & Teri. I'm working on questions for Beth & Sheryl. It's interesting trying to come up with good questions for people. Do I just go with wacky weird Dana questions or do I throw some seriousness into it as well? Hmm. I don't know. I'll continue with them this weekend.

Do you all have plans for the weekend? My plans include going to Beth's and scrapbooking and going to karaoke. I will also be cowering in a corner because, due to Co-worker Eric's penchant for Googling World News, I'm a little freaked out. Did you know that some cranky guy in Ukraine is going to use force on some other cranky guy? Force. What the heck does that mean? Is it deadly force? And apparently China has lots and lots of nuclear things we weren't aware of. They may also use force. I'm not sure on whom, he wasn't clear (or I may have been saying "La la la, I can't hear you!" One of the two). And there are also apparently scientists, quite possibly of the mad variety, adding flesh to computers to make cybermots for the military. What the hell is a cybermot? Add to that the news clip I saw while over at the bank where some guy in prison for drinking the blood of his victim had a botched execution (is it ironic that the executioner dudes couldn't find a vein? I get confused about what is actually irony). And Keem says there are no vampires hiding in the freezer. Ha! They're out there.

Okay, to let you escape from my paranoia of possible dive bombing cybermot vampirical natured bats, let us now turn to the list of questions from Diana. Much more sane. Well, sane for me.

1. If you were a piece of candy, any candy, what would you be?

Ooh! The choices are endless. I really love Anise Squares because they are red and pretty and then have that glorious licorice taste. My Dad got me hooked on them years ago and they bring back memories of him and going to Shakey’s for my birthday for bad pizza and singing waiters. I’m fond of chocolate but only if it has fruit and/or nuts in it. I think I would have to say that I am a piece of English Toffee at heart, sweet, brittle and a little nuts.

2. You seem to frequently be at war with your hair, or at least your hair seems to be at war with you. (Which makes for entertaining reading, let me say.) Is it that it whispers "cut me...dye me scarlet..." while you sleep or is all the experimental hair dressing to delight yourself and those of us who adore you?

I’m going to be completely honest with you. I have no clue. I tend to operate strictly on impulse. If something irritates me, I will deal with it without taking a moment to think “Is this the best idea?” In the case of my bangs, they got in my eyes, I didn’t have any clue when I would get my hair cut again and I just said the heck with it. I have trimmed them before and it was a much better result but this last time I just went without the mirror. Do I regret that? No, because I really love my new haircut – it’s cute and easy to deal with.

As for hair color, I get bored with the same thing over and over so I can never understand just covering the gray with the same hair color nature gave you. There are so many fun colors to experiment with. I think it is my way of rebelling against the normalcy of my mother and sister and also a way to fight off depression. Kind of like getting my nose pierced without pain and nose involved.

3. Would you be an eagle or a dolphin and why?

I just saw this documentary on the new aquarium in Spain and there was this whole segment on the dolphins. They looked so happy and were chattering away at their trainer and my heart melted. Also, I am a Pisces, so I would be at home at the water (but then I would be eating my fishy brethren and that would be wrong). But I do enjoy watching eagles soar. Except that Keem and I were on a drive one day and this eagle came swooping down and grabbed something from the medium and it was a squirrel and I said “Run, squirrel, run” and Keem said “It’s doomed, Dana. It won’t be running anywhere.” I don’t want a life where I would be forced to eat squirrels. I could be a dolgle! A flying dolphin. That would be cool. Or would that be an eaghin?

4. You've been decreed to wed one of the characters on any TV show. Which one is the lucky one?

While I am very fond of both Sawyer and Sayid from Lost, my true love is Hiro from Heroes. He’s perfect for me. Loves Star Trek, comic books, is geeky cute – even loves karaoke. If it doesn’t work out between us, I’m starting to really appreciate the somewhat overbearing charm of Hodges from CSI:

5. What is your favorite song to perform for karaoke? Would you perform it for a national audience?

I enjoy singing “Give Me One Reason” by Tracy Chapman. It allows me to get a little bluesy (bluesy might not be the right word but I can’t think what would be) and get into the music more. Would I perform it for a national audience? Of course I would. I love an audience, the more people the better. Singing karaoke reminds me of being on stage when I was in high school. I miss those days. I’m not saying I’m going to try out for America’s Got Talent because I’m an average singer but if someone asked me to sing, I’d do it.