Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Oh, bloody Hell. It's back (you should probably not read this if you're a man). Plus a meme from Melissa I forgot about.

Not too much detail because it is, well, icky, and I am not feeling that special joy that comes with being a woman right now. But anyway, I took the Provera while Keem and I were on vacation because, when you are traveling, it becomes a problem if you ruin 3 pairs of pants in one day (well, ruin isn't exactly true but who wants to go to the laundromat on vacation?) and only have 5 pairs for the entire trip. Also, when doing laundry by hand, keep in mind that dish soap and laundry soap are not the same and you will become overwhelmed with bubbles when using dish soap.

So this weekend, my special friend decided to come and visit and bring over every other single woman in the world's special friend with him and make my life less than fun. Even though I was with Beth and we were scrapbooking and that is always fun. It was very confusing funwise for me. Anyway, Beth and I are hanging in her living room and I had to run to the bathroom because she made me laugh and that is just not called for (especially right after I sneezed) because sometimes I do something really REALLY SPECIAL! which I refer to as bleeding through and I hate it.

DM: Well, at least it is a black chair in case there's a problem.
B: Oh, sure, and then I'll sit down on the chair wearing my white pants and I'll ruin them because you have your period.
DM: When do you wear white pants?
B: Occasionally. Okay, not since the 80's.

And then I laughed again because that was very funny.

Anyway, yesterday I ended up going home because of cramps (I don't normally get them) and it was not fun and I may have cried when trying to explain this to my boss (but miracle of miracles, she knows because she's been through the same thing and even had to take Provera as well) and I had to take a cab home because I was so not waiting another hour for a bus but Keem gave me Aleve and four tablets later, the cramps were gone and that is just amazing because nothing normally works. Plus, I talked her into going to Olive Garden because I really, really, really love their Zuppa Toscana (Tuscan Soup?) and if any of you know where I can get a recipe for that, I must have it.

In other news (non-icky related), Keem is back from Fargo but she's going to La Crosse this weekend. The cat actually was cuddly with the concierge while we were gone but hid under the bed when Josh was there (not really surprised by that. Josh is a little more familiar with Eddy than he would like). My brat of a sister has a laptop and can work from home now but her supposed "best friend" who hasn't been responding to any of Kari's emails or phone calls decided to end their friendship because Kari didn't email/call on her birthday or mother's day which strikes me as somewhat hypocritical. I'm going to scrapbook with Beth this weekend as well. Work is good. Life is good (well, when I remember to take my Effexor. Need to find a new spot to put it so it jumps out and says "Hey! Remember me! Take me!"). Hope you are all well. Hoping to get around to websites in the next few days. Busy at work. Not allowed. Why is it like Tax Hell right now?

Love to all of you. Send Bloggy Mojo my way so I don't have to deal with this anymore and maybe I can get a hysterectomy. It's not like I plan on using my uterus any time soon.

Meme from Melissa

1. If you couldn't be the Karaoke Queen of The Chalet, what would you do on those nights instead, and what would your new title be?

You mean besides sleep? On Thursday nights, Beth and I don’t usually get up to the Chalet until about 12-12:30 so I would definitely go to bed at a normal time on Thursday and not be ready to die from lack of sleep on Fridays. On Sundays we’d probably meet Liz and James somewhere & talk – it would be hours and hours of after karaoke. My title, of course, would be Queen of the Universe – that would never change.

2. You meet a fantastic man. If you had to pick, would Mr. Fantastic give you A-mind-blowing sex every night and good conversation once a year or B-mind-blowing conversation every night and good sex only once a year? Why?

B – Good conversation every night and good sex only once a year. That’s easy to answer. First of all, I’ve been celibate for years and sex is not that important to you after you make it past the first year, let alone the eighth. Second, there is no way I could ever be with anyone I couldn’t talk to about everything and anything.

3. What is your greatest strength and what is your greatest weakness?

Greatest strength would have to be my ability to find amusement in just about anything. I am constantly entertaining myself with little screen plays that run through my head or things I see or hear or read. I am definitely never bored.

My greatest weakness would either be that, without my friends and family, I would probably starve to death or end up in debtor’s prison. Beth, Keem and my sister Kari are great at keeping me focused. I am not a responsible adult and I am more than aware of that. I’d like to think that I would cook for myself if I needed to but I’m pretty sure I would exist only on Ramen and peanut butter and baloney sandwiches (shut up. They’re pretty good).

4. Name five things you absolutely could not live without. Family, friends, pets and modern conveniences are exempted from your choices here. Be creative. ;)

Zoe (my camera).
Blogger and the people I have met through blogging (IRL & on the web).
Books. Books are the most important thing in the world outside of friends, family, etc. I always have to have something to read.
Karaoke. My soul requires the music (okay, that was weird but we’ll throw actual music in here as well).
Food and water.

5. What are a few things you'd like to either experience or accomplish before you die, and what is the reasoning behind them?

Live in Portugal for at least a year. My reasoning? It’s awesome there.
Travel through Europe. Again with the awesome.
Bring peace and harmony to the world using my patented charm. Because I am awesome.

Apparently I should have put the word awesome on the above list. Dang you, really funny actors on How I Met Your Mother! Dang you!

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