Thursday, May 31, 2007

Oh, the frustration - needing some bloggy Mojo

Teri every once in awhile turns to what she calls bloggy Mojo and it seems to work for her pretty well. Now it is my turn.

So. You know how I work for NABABNA in the Stock Transfer Department? Well, for the last four months (maybe longer), I've been helping out with monitoring calls for Quality Purposes. I love this. I was interested in QP back when I worked for NABABNA's bank call center, applied for a position and ended up being Qualified Candidate number 7 when they had 6 jobs. The only reason I didn't get the 6th job was because I didn't speak Mandarin. I know. I mean how picky, right?

Anyway, today there is an email in my mail box that says "Hey, surprise, we're making some changes to the ST department!" One of those changes just happens to be an open position for QP. But there's a catch. Part of the job involves training. Oh, and taking phone calls as needed.

And there, my friends, lies the crux. I don't like training. Or, I guess I should say, I don't have the patientence for training. I get truly frustrated with newbies because they are all afraid to do things and sit around and say "Oh, I can't" or "I don't get this" or "Stop yelling at me, Dana (Okay, no one has actually ever said the last. I rarely ever yell at newbies)." And the person who I'd be assisting is more than aware of this because I told her this. If it was up to me, I would monitor calls from my little corner all day long and not deal with people. That would make me so happy.

And if this wasn't dilemma enough, guess what? There's more! Keem, who is an excellent trainer and patient with people and rarely ever makes them cry, is also interested in the position. She is more interested in the training part than the QP portion. We are both sitting here going "Why? Why couldn't they divide this up into two positions? Why?"

Anyway, I'm going to apply, she's going to apply and I'm sure others will. It's so frustrating. If you all could whisper some quick thoughts to the Mojo gnomes (or whatever they might be) that suddenly the decision will be made to split this into positions and both Keem and I would be hired, that would be great. I'm going to go back to banging my head against my desk. Thanks!

What's really bugging me about this is I dreamt Saturday morning that Keem, Beth and I all applied for the same job (not the one that is open, one as a personal assistant) and Keem was really upset about it because she was convinced she wouldn't get the job (in the dream). Of course, in the dream, I also really didn't want the job and took some extreme actions to make sure I didn't get it. It was very weird.

Hope you all have a great day! And weekend! Still working on questions for Beth and Sheryl. Brain is frozen.